ADS (TV station)

ADS Adelaide is an Australian television station, owned by, and affiliated with the Ten Network.


ADS-10 began as ADS-7 on 24 October1959, before being owned by those affiliated with the Ten Network. On 27 December, 1987, ADS-7 and SAS-10 (owned by Seven Network affiliate TVW-7 Perth) switched affiliations, ADS moving to channel 10, SAS moving to channel 7. In July 2007 ADS-10 moved from its original location in Strangways Tce, North Adelaide to a new studio in Hutt Street, Adelaide.

Program production

Popular television shows made during the ADS-7 era include children’s shows Cartoon Connection,SPECCO (SPace ECho COmpany) (with Pam Tamlyn & Steve Curtis), KO (Kids Only), and later as ADS-10 the national pre-school program "Mulligrubs". Music shows included Music Express (1975 - 1986) and Nightshift. Popular variety shows included The Penthouse Club and the weekday morning show Lionel William's Woman's World. The local current affairs show "State Affair" which aired weeknights at 6:30 following the news, featured stories about South Australia and its people. From 1967 to 1986 the Easter Appeal telethon was held each year to raise money for the Adelaide Children's Hospital. ADS 7 also broadcast the SANFL local football matches for many years.

The Strangeways Terrace site comprised of two studios. Studio 1 being the largest and home to productions such as the Channel Seven Easter Appeal, Wheel of Fortune, It's Academic, SPECCO and KO while the smaller Studio 2 played host to Seven National News, State Affair and the Super Fun Show. Permanent studio seating was provided in Studio One, with portable seating provided in Studio Two for the Super Fun Show.

The popular television game show Wheel of Fortune originally commenced recording in studio 1 at ADS-7 in July 1981 then after the changeover to SAS-7 in December 1987 moved to their studios where it remained until July 1996 when the show moved to ATN-7 Sydney where it lasted until its cancellation in 2006.During the ADS7 era, Seven National News was originally introduced by Alec Macaskill. Kevin Crease left the SA Government press office during 1976/1977 to return to newsreading joining the ASD7 team before moving over to NWS9 in the 1980's.


Presenters Weeknights:

Note: During the AFL season Ten News is presented by George Donikian in Melbourne and Adelaide on Saturday nights at 6:00pm, as well as a local edition of Sports Tonight. On Sunday Ten News is presented by Bill Woods at TEN-10

Note: Ten News Adelaide's Presenters actually broadcast from Melbourne's ATV-10, to save on costs. Sport and the weather are still from the Adelaide studio. This has been done since 2000.


  • SAS-10 1965: Tune Up To Ten!
  • SAS-10 1972: Entertaining South Australia!
  • SAS-10 1977: I Like It! (Based on the song by Silver Convention)
  • SAS-10 Summer 1977/78: Summer of '77!
  • SAS-10 1978: A Galaxy of Stars!
  • SAS-10 1979: You're on Top with Ten!
  • SAS-10 1983: We're With You!
  • SAS-10 1984: You Can See it All on Ten.
  • SAS-10 1985-86: That's Your Home on Ten!
  • SAS-10 1987: Stand Up and Tell 'Em Adelaide's Great!
  • ADS-10 1989: Adelaide's Network 10.

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