mullet: see silversides.

Any of fewer than 100 species (family Mugilidae) of abundant, commercially valuable schooling fishes found in brackish or fresh waters throughout tropical and temperate regions. Mullets frequent shallow, inshore areas, searching the sand or mud for microscopic plants and small animals. They are silvery and 1–3 ft (30–90 cm) long, with large scales, a short snout, a cigar-shaped body, a forked tail, and two distinct dorsal fins, the first containing four stiff spines. The common, or striped, mullet (Mugil cephalus), cultivated in some areas, is a well-known species found worldwide.

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Mullet may refer to:


  • Mullet (fish), or "grey mullets", of the family Mugilidae, of which the most widely known species is the striped mullet, Mugil cephalus
  • Goatfish, or "red mullets", of the family Mullidae; in particular, red mullets of the genus Mullus


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