Hani al-Mulki

Hani al-Mulki (also known as Hani Mulki) (born 1951) is a Jordanian politician and diplomat. He was the foreign minister of Jordan from October 25 2004 until April 7 2005. He succeeded Marwan al-Muasher and was followed by Farouq Qasrawi. He was part of the negotiating team which produced a treaty between Jordan and Israel in 1994, and he has served as Jordan's ambassador to Egypt. During his time as foreign minister, Jordan had diplomatic problems with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The tensions with Iraq began in February 2005 when a suicide bomber who is believed to be Jordanian killed more than 100 Iraqis, and it was rumored that many Jordanians were celebrating over this, which caused protests in Iraq. The two countries recalled each other's ambassadors briefly, but the situation was stabilized by negotiations between Mulki and the Iraqi foreign minister at the Arab league summit in Algeria in March 2005.

Mulki was appointed as The Scientific Ad visor to His Majesty, and is currently a member of the Senate.

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