Mud bath

Mud bath

A mud bath is a bath of mud, commonly from areas where hot spring water can combine with volcanic ash. Mud baths have existed for thousands of years, and can be found now in high-end spas in many countries of the world.

Mud baths in Israel are found at the Dead sea where people use the dead sea mud on their faces, hair and body for beauty rituals. Mud baths in the United States are mostly found at the resorts in Calistoga, Napa Valley, California. The mud is a combination of local volcanic ash, imported Canadian peat and naturally heated mineral waters. Historically, the mud bath treatment has been used for centuries in Eastern and Western European spas as a way to relieve athritis. Most people follow up the mud bath routine with a therapeutic body massage.

Mud baths are not to be confused with peat pulp baths.

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