mucous cell

List of distinct cell types in the adult human body

There are about 210 known distinct human cell types.

Keratinizing epithelial cells

Wet stratified barrier epithelial cells

Exocrine secretory epithelial cells

Hormone secreting cells

Metabolism and storage cells

Barrier function cells (Lung, Gut, Exocrine Glands and Urogenital Tract)



Epithelial cells lining closed internal body cavities

Ciliated cells with propulsive function

Extracellular matrix secretion cells

Contractile cells

Blood and immune system cells

Sensory transducer cells

Autonomic neuron cells

Sense organ and peripheral neuron supporting cells

Central nervous system neurons and glial cells

Lens cells

Pigment cells

Germ cells

Nurse cells

Interstitial cells


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