Flail mower

A Tractor Mounted Implement

Flail mowers are a type of PTO driven implement that can attach to the three-point hitches found on the rear of most tractors. The mower is best used to provide a rough cut to taller grass where contact with loose debris may be possible such as roadsides. The flail mower gets its name from the use of "flails" attached to its rotating drum in rows. The rows are staggered to provide a complete cut. Many implement companies also refer to the flails as knives. The rotating drum is perpendicular to the axis of the tractor. The PTO driveshaft along the tractor's axis must make a right angle through the use of a gearbox in order to transfer it's rotational energy to the drum. The flails are attached to the drum using chain links or brackets, depending on the manufacturer. Standard flails are shaped like an extruded "T" or "Y" and the chain attaches to the bottom. There are also proprietary flails with different shapes for shredding larger brush and others that leave a smooth, finish cut. As the drum rotates, centrifugal force pushes the flails outward. If a flail strikes an immovable object, it simply bounces off. Other rotary type mowers have a tendency to grab and throw the object out of the mower deck if its small enough. This fact makes the flail mower best suited for areas where thrown objects would cause damage.


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