Dark Mousy

D.N.Angel character
Koku-Yoku/Dark Mousy
Age: approximately 300 (400 in the manga)
Hair Color: Purple
Eyes: Red/Purple
Alter-ego: Daisuke Niwa
Crush: Riku Harada
True Love: Rika (Risa and Riku's grandmother; anime only)
Real Name: Koku-Yoku (Literally meaning "Black Wings")
Seiyū: Ryōtarō Okiayu
Voice actor: Vic Mignogna
, also known as , is a fictional character in the anime and manga series D.N.Angel created by Yukiru Sugisaki. He is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu in the Japanese version, and Vic Mignogna in the English dub. In the Wink drama CDs, he's voiced by Masaya Onosaka.

Creation and conception

Plot overview

Dark is an entity passed on through the Niwa family to each new male once he reaches the age of 14 and experiences feelings of love. He was gone for 40 years due to the fact that Daisuke's grandfather Daiki, who was Dark before Daisuke, had an only daughter, Emiko. Being female, it was impossible for her to become Dark. He is the phantom thief who (in the anime) constantly steals cursed art pieces made by the Hikari family in order to seal their harmful powers (the only exception known is the Agate Links, which was an heirloom given as a gift from Daiki to Menou in the anime, but in the manga, it was stolen). Dark had a crush on Riku in the beginning but he starts to warm up to Risa in the manga. In the anime he only loved Risa and Riku's grandmother Rika. Daisuke originally is in love with Risa Harada but later finds out that he truly loves Riku Harada, the older of the twins. He uses Wiz as his wings, since his real ones, like Krad's and their magic, would hurt Daisuke. In the English version, Dark is known as the Phantom Thief Dark, while his whole name apparently being "Dark Mousy." Every time he uses his magic he gets closer and closer to his "true form." In the eighth book of the manga, Krad called Dark "Kokuyoku," referring (once again, in the manga) to Dark's "true name." This name, it seems, is one that Dark and Krad shared when they were both one figure. Taking this into consideration, there are hints both in the anime and manga that Dark and Krad were both an art piece made by the Hikari. In the last episode in the anime, Dark seals himself and Krad back into the statue where he and Krad were made. [Like the first part in the first episode.] They are sealed back into The Black Wings from which they were born. In the last episode of the anime, numerous references are made to the same thing happening forty years before, when Daisuke's grandfather shared his own body with Dark Mousy. Dark Mousy may have been sealed into the artwork then, and then released again when Daisuke turned fourteen. The same thing could possibly happen with Daisuke's son.

Further details


He is a known as Phantom Thief Dark (Kaitō Dāku in Japanese) and is a legendary thief of artworks (most of which, unknown to the public, have two common factors, one is that they belong to the Hikari family, the last of which is Satoshi Hiwatari, and that they contain magical properties). Who he is and where he is from are mysteries. For 300 years (400 in the manga) Dark’s power has been passed down through the male members of the Niwa family.

Though he always informs where, when and what he is going to 'steal', he never got caught by the police or any other human forces. Perhaps an invoke of his quirky saying "Honesty is the best policy." given in Manga number seven, to give honest warnings.


His demeanor is candid and confident, which is the complete opposite of Daisuke (shy and reserved). He is well aware of his good looks and on the surface he could be seen as arrogant. It would be easy to dismiss the deeper, kinder side of his personality. Daisuke and Dark often fight against one another for control (resulting in some comedy relief). He is also very flirtatious around girls. (In Volume 6 of the manga, he states that he doesn't know where the art he is supposed to steal is, and then, "This is too much work. Maybe I'll go pick up some girls instead.")

He obviously seems to dislike Krad a lot (seeing as Krad has attempted to kill him and Daisuke several times; Krad and Dark were the same person until they separated).

Relationships in the anime

Risa Harada has a very big crush on Dark, though it seems to fade in the last episodes. Dark goes out with her once, much to Daisuke's annoyance. Later, though, he tells Risa he can't see her and doesn't really think of her like that. Dark also kissed Risa's twin, Riku, but it was just to keep her quiet. She didn't know that and regards him as a pervert because of it. Dark had a relationship with the twins' grandmother, Rika Harada, years earlier, and he still loves her. He only went out with Risa for a bit because she reminded him so much of Rika.

Relationships in the manga

Risa Harada still has a big crush on Dark, but only seems to get stronger through out the book. Dark, in the beginning of the series was in love with the older twin, Riku, thus his DNA reacted to her. Riku hates Dark, and frequently calls him a pervert for the many times they were caught in awkward situations. Later on as the story progressed, it seemed as Dark was beginning to warm up to Risa's feelings. Hearing Risa's sincere answer to his question (what would she do if he were a monster) he is surprised at how much she truly loves him. Daisuke even comments that Dark is slowly, though surely, falling in love with Risa. When Risa is taken by Argentine, he (and Daisuke) is angered and tears up the note left behind (by Argentine) and vows to show no mercy.


Appearances in other media

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