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A bench is a long seat fit for several people, with or without back and/or arm rests, for sitting indoor (often in rows) or outdoor (as in a park). Benches are most often found in bus stops, parks, and cafeterias. Some benches are dedicated as a small memorial. Hobos also sleep on benches sometimes as beds.

Bench may also refer to:

In clothing

  • A popular Filipino clothing brand established in the Philippines in 1987
  • A brand of clothing and eyewear heavily popular in Europe.

In law

  • Bench (metonymy), certain people in a given (e.g. professional) context, associated with a particular seating, especially in politics and law
  • Bench (Judicial) refers to a group of judges hearing a case and juding on the matter
  • The raised desk behind which a judge presides over a courtroom

In sports

  • The "bench" refers to the players on the roster that do not start regularly or are not currently playing in any given game ("on the bench")
  • Bench (weight training), a piece of weight training equipment, often very similar to the above "wide backless chair"
  • Bench press, an open-chained form of free-weightlifting equipment
  • Johnny Bench, the baseball player


  • Bench or bentsching, the Jewish blessing said after a meal
  • Bench language (Bench-non), a Northern Omotic language spoken in Kaffa (southeastern Ethiopia)
  • Workbench, a place of work consisting of a table and perhaps places to keep an arrangement of tools and materials.
  • Bench scale, the small scale in contrast to commercial scale
  • In surveying and civil engineering, a landform consisting of a long strip of land at constant height in an otherwise sloped area. If natural it is typically caused by successive depositions and erosions by a river in a floodplain. It may also be part of an artificial earthwork (c.f. benchmark, q.v. berm)
  • The Bench refers to the buffer of employees who aren't assigned to any project. This is to ensure that staffing of new projects is fairly easy.
  • The Bench, the short film from The Northern Film School in the United Kingdom.

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