mountain sheep

mountain sheep

mountain sheep: see bighorn.
The Badger Face Welsh Mountain (Welsh Defaid Idloes, /ˈdevаɪd ˈɪdlɔɪs/) is a distinct variety of the Welsh Mountain breed of domestic sheep. It is a hardy upland breed known for producing a high percentage of twins and triplets under good conditions. It appears in two sub-varieties of its own: Torddu (/tɔrˈðiː/, "black-bellied"), which has a white fleece with dark face and belly, and the Torwen (/tɔrˈwɛn/, "white-bellied"), which as a black body with a white belly and white stripes over the eyes. The Torddu is the more common of the two types. In both types, ewes are polled and rams are horned.


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