List of military unit mottoes by country


Military Unit Mottos: Australia


Military Unit Mottos: Canada

Republic of China(Taiwan)

Republic of China Armed Force

  • 防衛固守,有效嚇阻(fang-wei-gu-shou, yo-siao-he-zu): persistent defense, effective intimidation.
  • 決戰境外(jue-jhan-jin-wai): decisive battle outside of national boundary.
  • Republic of China Army
    • Aviation and Special Operation Command
      • 高山低頭,海水讓路(gao-shan-di-tou, hai-shui-ran-lu): the mountain bows, the ocean splits.
      • 生為空特人,死為空特魂(sheng-wei-kon-teh-ren, sih-wei-kon-teh-huen): live as kon-teh persons, die as kon-teh spirits.(空特kon-teh is abbreviation of Aviation and Special Warfare Command)
  • Republic of China Navy
    • 忠、義(jhong, yi): loyalty and justice.
    • 見敵必戰(jien-di-bi-jhan): battle we must when enemy in sight.
    • Republic of China Marine Corps
      • 一日陸戰隊,終生陸戰隊(yi-rih-lu-jhan-duei, jhong-sheng-lu-jhan-duei): marine for a day, marine for whole life.
      • 不怕苦,不怕難,不怕死(bu-pa-ku, bu-pa-nan, bu-pa-sih): fear no challenge, fear no pain, fear no death.
      • 永遠忠誠(yon-yuen-jhong-cheng): ever loyal.
  • Republic of China Air Force
    • 無空防即無國防(wu-kon-fan-ji-wu-guo-fan): without air defense there is no national defense.
  • Republic of China Military Police
    • 忠誠憲兵(jhong-cheng-hsien-bin): loyal military police.
  • Military Academy
    • 貪生怕死勿入此門,升官發財請走他路(tan-sheng-pa-sih-mo-ru-cih-men, sheng-guan-fa-cai-cing-zou-ta-lu): (those who are) afraid of death do not enter this door, (those who wish) for promotion and wealth please take other path.


Military Unit Mottos: Finland

Military Motto Motto Language Translation
Finnish Air Force Qualitas potentia nostra Latin "Quality is our power"
Utin Jääkärirykmentti (Utti Airborne Regiment) Excelsior Latin "Higher"
Panssariprikaati (Armoured Brigade) Iske ja murra Finnish "Strike and break through"


Military Unit Mottos: France

Military Motto Motto Language Translation
French Army "Honneur et Patrie" French "Honour and Fatherland"
French Navy "Honneur, Patrie, Valeur, Discipline" French "Honour, Fatherland, Valour, Discipline"
French Air Force "Faire face" French "Rise up"(i.e against someone, something)
French Foreign Legion "Legio Patria Nostra" Latin "The Legion is our Fatherland"
La Grande Armée "Valeur et Discipline" French "Valour and Discipline"


Military Unit Mottos: Greece


The mottoes of the Indian Armed Forces units come from Sanskrit, English, or a regional language the specific unit is closely affiliated with. Some however are laurels won on the field and are in the language of the enemy or the commander's praise.

Military Motto Motto Language Translation
Indian Army
  • The safety, honour and welfare of your country, come first, always and everytime. The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command comes next. Your own ease, comfort and safety comes last, always and every time.

Indian Military Academy "Veerta aur Vivek" Hindi "Valour and Wisdom"
Regiment of Artillery "Sarvatra Izzat O Iqbal" Hindi/Urdu Prestige and Honour Everywhere
The Brigade of The Guards "Pahla Hamesha Pahla" Hindi/Urdu "Ahead, Always Ahead" or "First, Always First"
Paracommandos (Special Forces) "Balidaan" Hindi "Sacrifice"
The Mechanized Infantry "Valour and Faith" English
The Punjab Regiment "Sthal Wa Jal" Hindi "By Land and Sea"
The Madras Regiment "Swadharme Nidhanam Shreyaha" Sanskrit "It is a glory to die doing one’s duty"
The Maratha Light Infantry "Duty, Honour, Courage" English
Grenadiers Regiment "Sarvada Shaktishali" Sanskrit "Ever Powerful"
The Rajputana Rifles "Veer Bhogya Vasundhara" Sanskrit "The Brave Shall Reap the Earth"
The Rajput Regiment "Sarvatra Vijay" Sanskrit "Victory Everywhere"
Jat Regiment "Sangathan Wa Veerta" Hindi "Spirit of Unity and Valour"
The Sikh Regiment "Nischey Kar Apni Jeet Karon" Punjabi "With Determination, I Shall win"
The Sikh Light Infantry "Deg Teh Fateh" Punjabi "Prosperity in Peace and Victory in War"
The Dogra Regiment "Kartavyam Anvatma" Sanskrit "Duty Before Death"
The Garhwal Rifles "Yudhaya Krit Nischya" Sanskrit "Fight With Determination"
The Kumaon Regiment "Parakramo Vijayate" Sanskrit "Valour Triumphs"
The Assam Regiment "Assam Vikram" "Unique Valour"
The Bihar Regiment "Karam Hi Dharam" Hindi "Work is Worship"
The Mahar Regiment "Yash Sidhi" Sanskrit "Success & Attainment"
The Jammu and Kashmir Rifles "Prashata Ranvirta" "Valour in Battle is Praiseworthy"
The Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry "Balidanam Vir Lakshanam" Sanskrit "Sacrifice is a Sign of the Brave"
Ordnance Corps "Shastra Se Shakti" Hindi "Strength through Weapons"
The Corps of Signals "Teevra Chaukas" Hindi "Swift and Secure"
Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers [EME] "Karm hi Dharam" Hindi "Work is Supreme Duty"
Judge Advocate General (Indian Army): "Satyameva Jayate" Sanskrit "Truth alone triumphs"
Border Security Force "Duty Unto Death" English
Indian Air Force "Nabha Sparsham Deeptam" Sanskrit "Touch the Sky with Glory"
Indian Navy "Shano Varuna" Sanskrit "May the Lord of the Oceans be Auspicious Unto Us"
Indian Coast Guard "Vayam Rakshamah" Sanskrit "We Protect"
Defence Service Staff College "Yuddham Pragayya" Sanskrit "To War with Wisdom"



Military Unit Mottos: Israel

  • Israeli Defence Forces
    • Givati Brigade: Yehidat Sgula (A Unit of Virtue , also means: purple - the brigade's beret color)
    • Israeli Armored Corps: Ha-Adam She-ba-Tank Yenatze'ah (The Man In The Tank [is the one who] Shall Win)
    • Israeli Armored Corps: Ba-makom bo ya'atsru ha-zchalim, sham yikava ha gvool ([in the place] where the [tank] tracks will stop, the border line would be decided [marked/drawn])
    • Israeli Artillery Corps: Bli Siyua, Ha-chir Lo Yanua (Without Support, the Infantry Won't Move)
    • Israeli Artillery Corps: artilerya malkat Hakrav (Hebrew:ארטילריה מלכת הקרב) (Artillery is the queen of Battle)
    • Israeli Artillery Corps: Khirnik beTaut Akhat Horeg Khirnik Ekhad, Totkhanim beTaut Akhat Horgim Asara Khirnikim (Hebrew: חי"רניק בטעות אחת הורג חי"רניק,תותחנים בטעות אחת הורגים עשרה חי"רניקים) (If An infantryman does in one mistake he kills only another infantryman, If Artillery does one mistake they kill ten infantrymen)
    • Israeli Engineering Corps: Tamid Rishonim (Always First)
    • Israeli Engineering Corps: Et ha-Kashe Naase Hayom, Et ha-Bilti Efshari Naase Machar (Hebrew: את הקשה נעשה היום, את הבלתי אפשרי נעשה מחר) (The hard - we shall do today, the impossible - we shall do tomorrow)
    • Israeli Education and Youth Corps Am boneh Tzava Boneh Am (Hebrew: צבא בונה עם בונה צבא) (A Nation builds an Army [which] builds a Nation)
    • Israeli Intelligence Corps: Lecha Dumiya Tehila (Silence is praise to You; Psalms 65:2)
    • Israeli Medical Corps: Ha-metsil nefesh achat, keilu hetsil olam shalem (he who saves one soul, saves a whole world)
    • Israeli Navy: Vayerd MeYam Ad Yam, Uminahar Ad Afsey Aretz, Lefanav Yichreu Tziyim (He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. Navies shall bow before him; Psalm 72:8,9)
    • Nahal Brigade: Hayitaron ha-Enoshi (Human Advantage)
    • Paratroopers Brigade: Nizom, Novil, Ne'haveh Dugma VeNenaze'ah (We shall Innovate, Lead, Set an Example - and Win)
    • Sayeret Matkal: Mi Sheme'ez, Menatze'ah (מי שמעז מנצח)(Who Dares Wins)
  • Mossad: Be'ein Tachbulot Yipol Am, Uteshua Berov Yoetz (Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety; Proverbs 11:14)
  • SHABAK: Magen Ve-Lo Yira'e (Defender Who Shall Not Have Fear / Defender Who Shall Not Be Seen)
  • Shayetet 13 She'hagalim mitchazkim , hachazakim mitgalim (כשהגלים מתחזקים החזקים מתגלים) (When the waves grow stronger, the strong men are revealed).


Military Motto Motto Language Translation
Norwegian Defence Force For Fred og Frihet Norwegian "For peace and freedom"
Norwegian Army Artilleribataljonen (Artillery Battalion) Gjør ræt - Frykt ingen! Old Norwegian "Do right - Fear no-one!"
Hans Majestet Kongens Garde (HMKG) (His Majesty The King's Guard) Alt for Kongen Norwegian "Everything for the King"
Panserbataljonen (Armored Battalion) Bitit Fyrst Old Norse "Strike First"
Oppklaringseskadron (Recon Unit) Ser alt, alltid Norwegian "Sees all, always"
Ingeniørvåpenet (Engineers regiment) Ubique Que fas et gloria ducunt Latin "Everywhere Where Right and Glory Lead"
2. Bataljon (2nd Battalion) In hoc Signo Vinces Latin "In this sign you shall conquer"
Heimevernet (Home Guard) Verner - Vokter - Virker Norwegian "Protects - Guards - Acts"
Royal Norwegian Air Force (Luftforsvaret) For Konge og Fedreland Norwegian "For King and Country"
Royal Norwegian Navy (Sjøforsvaret) For Konge, Fedreland og Flaggets Hæder Old norwegian "For King, Country and the Honor of the Flag"


  • Pakistan Army پاک فوج motto: Iman, Taqwa, Jihad fi Sabilillah. Translated into English, it means "Faith, Piety and Fight in the path of God".


Sri Lanka

Military Unit Mottos: Sri Lanka


United Kingdom

Military Unit Mottos: United Kingdom

United States

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