mother carey's hen

Mother Carey's Chickens (film)

Mother Carey's Chickens is a 1938 drama film starring Anne shirley and Ruby Keeler. The film was directed by Rowland V. Lee and based upon a 1917 play by Kate Douglas Wiggin and Rachel Crothers.

Originally Katharine Hepburn was forced to star in the lead. However, she refused to and left RKO in order to avoid having to star in this.

The film was remade as Summer Magic (1963).


Mr. Carey is killed during the Spanish American War. His wife Margaret, daughters Nancy and Kitty and son Peter are left behind. They are now on their own without a single penny. When Margaret is forced to put her house for sale, the children try to avoid being put out of their houses by scaring of potential buyers. While Margaret is trying to find a new job, the girls fall in love with guys from the neighbourhood.



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