Heimenkirch is a municipality in the district of Lindau in Bavaria in Germany.


Heimenkirch is located in the Allgäu region. It consists of the following subdivisions: Aspach, Berg, Biesenberg, Dreiheiligen, Engenberg, Geigersthal, Hofs, Kappen, Mapprechts, Meckatz, Menzen, Mothen, Oberhäuser, Ober- und Unterried, Riedhirsch, Syrgenstein, Wolfertshofen, Zwiesele


Before becoming part of Bavaria, Heimenkirch belonged to Austria. In that time it was part of the Austrian authority of Bregenz-Hohenegg. Since the signing of the peace treaties of Brünn and Preßburg in 1805, the town belongs to Bavaria. In the course of the administrative reforms in Bavaria the contemporary municipality was formed by the "Gemeindeedikt" of 1818.

Population development

In 1970 2,845, in 1987 3,093 and in 2000 3,586 inhabitants were living in the municipality of Heimenkirch.


The mayor of Heimenkirch is Rudi Janisch (CSU). His deputies are Angela Fessler and Albert Lau.

Seating in the municipal council:

The revenue from the municipal tax added up to 3,345,000 € in 1999, of which the net business tax amounted to 1,761,000 €.

Sister city

Balassagyarmat (Balassagyarmat), Hungary

Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

According to the official statistics, in 1998 there were seven emloyees who were subject to social insurance contribution in the sector of agriculture and forestry, 1,456 in the industrial sector and 31 in the sector of trade and transport at place of work. In miscellaneous sectors there were 131 people employed at place of work. At pace of domicile there were 1,328 employees altogether. In the industrial sector there were two, in the main construction trade eight businesses. Moreover, there were 80 agricultural businesses in 1999 with a total area of 1,428 ha.

Resident businesses

Notable people


  • Heimenkirch owes its name to a Germanic sovereign called Heimo.
  • Heimenkirch has got a train station, which is not in use any more
  • In some districts Heimenkirch has the same area code (07566) as Leutkirch, which is 36 km away.

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