Moselle, department (1990 pop. 1,011,400), NE France, bordering on Luxembourg and Germany. Metz is the capital.
Moselle, Ger. Mosel, river, 320 mi (515 km) long, rising in the Vosges Mts., NE France, and winding generally N past Épinal and Metz. Leaving France, it forms part of the border between Luxembourg and Germany, then enters Germany, passes Trier, and cuts between the Eifel and the Hunsrück ranges to reach the Rhine River at Koblenz. The Moselle receives the Saar River near Trier. The German section of the Moselle valley is dotted with numerous old castles and is covered with celebrated vineyards. The Moselle Canal, built in 1964, made the river navigable for 1500 ton barges between Metz and Koblenz. The canal is overseen by representatives of France, Luxembourg, and Germany, and is a symbol of peace among them.

Baccarat is a town in France of about 5000 inhabitants. It is a commune in the Meurthe-et-Moselle département in the south of the Lorraine région.


In 1764, King Louis XV granted permission to the Bishop of Metz to establish a glassworks at Baccarat. The Baccarat crystalworks are world-famous for their glass and crystal artwork, and the Musée du Cristal, owned by the company, is Lorraine's biggest private museum.


The Church of Saint Rémy is notable for its artistic glass windows.

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