morse taper


Morse can refer to:

  • The large buckle on the cope, one of the liturgical vestments of the Roman Catholic Church
  • An archaic word for walrus, a large aquatic mammal
  • Morse chain, a chain drive with inverted teeth
  • Morse code, a method of coding messages into long and short beeps, often transmitted using continuous wave
  • Morse taper, a means of attaching a chuck to a lathe using the friction between a conical hole and a matching conical spindle


See Morse (surname)



See also

  • Inspector Morse, a British detective fiction book series and television show
  • Morse potential, a model interatomic potential energy function
  • Morse theory, in mathematics, a way of analyzing the topology of a manifold by studying differentiable functions on that manifold
  • Thue-Morse sequence, in mathematics, a binary sequence

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