Morphix is a modular operating system, based on Knoppix (which is in turn based on Debian). Morphix uses the Live CD features of Knoppix, but it is more modular. Different modules can be combined on a CD for varying purposes, making Morphix a sort of Live CD construction kit. For example, a Morphix CD can contain a normal base system, but uses GNOME as the desktop instead of KDE. Other modules can be constructed for other specific purposes, such as a firewall, a rescue disk, a basic office suite, etc.

Four sets of applications for Morphix are officially supported. These versions are mostly classified by their GUI, but each has its own set of applications:

  • Morphix LightGUI comes with Xfce 4 and tries to stay small enough to fit on a mini-cd.
  • Morphix Game uses Xfce 4 but has a very large number of games on it instead of applications.
  • Morphix KDE comes with, as the name implies, KDE, and comes with many KDE-only applications.
  • Morphix GNOME, formerly Morphix HeavyGUI, comes with applications for advanced users.

All versions of Morphix have a hard disk installer.
There are also scripts to automate the creation of Morphix disks.

As of 2008-01-01, the current revision of Morphix is 0.4-1.

The Morphix Live CD was used as the basis for Ubuntu's Live CD.


GNOME Morphix includes:

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