In Greek mythology, Mormo or Mormon (Μορμώ, Μορμών, Mormō, Mormōn) was a spirit who bit bad children, said to have been a companion of the goddess Hecate. The name was also used to signify a female vampire-like creature in stories told to Greek children by their nurses to keep them from misbehaving. This reference is primarily found in some of the Plays of Aristophanes.

Aristophanes, Archanians 582 ff : "Your terrifying armor makes me dizzy. I beg you, take away that Mormo (bogy-monster)!"

Aristophanes, Peace 474 ff : "This is terrible! You are in the way, sitting there. We have no use for your Mormo's (bogy-like) head, friend."

According to Anton LaVey, in The Satanic Bible, Mormo is the, "King of the Ghouls, consort of Hecate."

Modern references

Joanna Scanlan plays a character called Mormo in the 2007 movie Stardust, which is based on a novel by Neil Gaiman. In this movie, Mormo is an evil witch who lives with her sisters Lamia {Michelle Pfeiffer} and Empusa {Sarah Alexander}, all three of whom wish to devour the heart of an anthropomorphic star named Yvaine so as to regain their youth. When Mormo is dueling Tristan {Charlie Cox} toward the end of the movie, he opens a cage of ferrets, used for sacrifice. These animals attack Mormo, distracting her while Tristran slashes open anossadther cage, this time full of sacrificing wovles, who maul her to death out of revenge for killing their friends and relatives.

There is also a description of these beings in a website devoted to classical information on the Greek Gods

The name of Mormo has also been used by a relatively popular Role Playing Game called, "Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology" for the PSP. The character, Mormo, is as others describe, "flying cat," who hails from the world of Yaoon and moved to Terresia to defeat the Devourer, a monster who destroyed his world and countless others for the creation of a superior one and has Terresia as his next target. Mormo is the one who helps the main character (yourself) defeat the Devourer and other minor villains in the game, although he does no fighting himself.

James Cuomo, an American musician, composed a dance suite, "Warraguk, a Flying Mormo" in the late 1960's, with his sister Deborah as the winged Warraguk. This particular Australian mythology also spawned Cuomo's eclectic Paris-based band, "Mormos," originally "The Misty Mountain Mormos." This earlier group was comprised of pit musicians from New York's La Mama Theater, which Cuomo music directed. While touring Europe with La Mama, Cuomo landed a recording contract with CBS France, left the troupe in 1971 and settled in Paris with several members of the original Misty Mountain Mormos--Sandy Spencer (cellist) and Tobia Taylor (balalaika). He later recruited vocalist Annie (the Hat) Williams, flautist Rick (Ernest) Mansfield and guitarist Elliott Delman from the U.S. Mormos lived in Paris from 1971-1973, performing throughout France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Romania and England.

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