moreton bay fig

Santa Barbara's Moreton Bay Fig Tree

Santa Barbara's Moreton Bay Fig Tree located in Santa Barbara, California is believed to be the largest Ficus macrophylla in the country. It is believed the Moreton Bay fig tree came to Santa Barbara via ship from the Moreton Bay region of eastern Australia.

Originally planted between State and Montecito Streets, the tree was transplanted, by Hannah Crabb and her daughter Adeline, when it was "as tall as a walking stick".

In July 1997 the circumference of the tree at 4-1/2 feet above ground was 498 inches (41-1/2 feet). The average crown spread was 176 feet and the total height was 80 feet. Measured in November 1991, the branch spread was 167 feet with a total height of 76 feet. The trunk diameter above the buttress roots is 12.5 feet.

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