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War at the Warfield

War at the Warfield is a home video by Slayer which was released in 2003 through American Recordings. Following several delays due to production problems, War at the Warfield peaked at number 3 on the Billboard DVD chart with sales of 7,000. Receiving average reviews, the DVD was awarded gold certification by the RIAA in 2004, for over 50,000 shipments.


Filmed at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, California on December 7 2001, War at the Warfield would become Slayer's first music DVD. Originally set for release on February 13 2003, it was delayed several times, due to unspecified "production issues". However, on May 20 it was announced the release will be on June 17 2003, only to be pushed back again until July 27.

Bostaph's departure

Bostaph gave the band prior knowledge of him wishing to leave before recording the DVD. Bostaph has a copy but is yet to watch it, as it was his last release with the band and his third last live show; "You gotta understand that the taping of that; the Warfield show was two shows before my last show with the band. I haven't watched it because you kinda go back with your scene…for the fans, they see a show; for me, I see my second to last show with the band, you know what I mean? I have it but I needed to get some distance away from the situation and move on with my life. It's like breaking up with a girlfriend." Bostaph eventually left the band before Christmas due to a chronic elbow injury, stating it would hinder his ability to play.


Released through UMVD (Universal Music & Video Distribution), the DVD debuted at number 3 on the Billboard DVD chart, selling over 7,000 copies in its first week. On June 2, 2004, the DVD was certified gold for more than 50,000 shipments. William Ruhlmann of Allmusic commented that the DVD "serves as both a fan's statement on Slayer and a good representation of the group's music and performance style.

Andy Patrizio of IGN awarded the DVD seven out of ten, mentioning "the ferocity and intensity is still there, just a tad slower" and summarising with the statement that "if you're a Slayer fan, or into thrash in general, you'll love this. If your not, this video isn't going to change your opinion on the music."." Patrizio criticised the video's direction, observing that "the camerawork is full of fast, MTV-style cuts, which, combined with the flashing lights, is more headache-inducing than the music."

Track listing

  1. "Darkness of Christ"
  2. "Disciple"
  3. "War Ensemble"
  4. "Stain of Mind"
  5. "New Faith"
  6. "Postmortem"
  7. "Raining Blood"
  8. "Hell Awaits"
  9. "Here Comes the Pain"
  10. "Die By The Sword"
  11. "Dittohead"
  12. "Bloodline"
  13. "God Send Death"
  14. "Dead Skin Mask"
  15. "Seasons in the Abyss"
  16. "Captor of Sin"
  17. "Mandatory Suicide"
  18. "Chemical Warfare"
  19. "South of Heaven"
  20. "Angel of Death"
  21. "Bonus Material"



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