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Tantra Online

Tantra Online is a PVP MMORPG developed by HanbitSoft. This game has been published by PT.PlayOn Interactive in Indonesia since October 2004. It is largely based on Hindu mythology, with some influence from Buddhist mythology. This is apparent from many aspects of the game's universe; the names of the principal deities involved in the background story (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; the Hindu trinity) there are 8 Tribes in Tantra Online, they are Yaksa, Gandharva, Asura, Rakshasa, Naga, Kimnara, Deva, and Garuda.

Like other MMORPG, you have to create a character by choosing one of the 8 tribes in tantra, and kill monsters to attain a higher level. Leveling can be done either solo or you can create/join a party. Once in a party, the experience and money drops of each monster is divided to each party member.

Kathana I – Portent of Darkness

1.The Eight Tribes

In this game there are eight tribes that play can choose. These are the tribe's names:

1.1 Yaksa The Yaksa tribe are adept hunters who resides in the northern region of the Mandara highlands. Free-spirited and carefree, they occasionally enjoy a good fight but are gentle and noble creatures. They can often be seen roaming around the Great Plains just merrily wandering around. Battle-hardened and ferocious, their bodies are extremely resistant to endure most common attacks. They have acquired a superior mastery in handling simple and short-range weapons. The only chink in their armor lies in their weak strength.

1.2 Gandharva The Gandharvas can be found in the alpine region north of the Mandara highlands. Lithe and swift, they have developed a heightened endurance and their quickness enables them to evade most attacks.

Gandharvas are quite small but they are solidly built and skillful in short-range battles. Their Achilles heel lies in their weak striking power and their weapons of choice are short-range implements attached to their hands or wrists.

1.3 Asura

The Asura tribe made their way down to the northeast of the Mandara plateau where they eventually settled down. They earn their living by hunting wild animals in the steep and rugged mountains. Some of the Asuras play their wares as bounty hunters, stalking criminals with booties on their heads.

Quickness and a mighty striking force are the main weapons of the Asuras but they are a notch lower in physical strength. They can annihilate an enemy with a single blow from their sword.

1.4 Rakshasa

The Rakshasa tribe inhabits the northern area of the peninsula near the Mandara highlands. In stark contrast with Mandara, the climate in their area is quite humid as it is a sultry rainforest region.

Vanity is an essential trait of the Rakshasas. They shun the use of heavy armory as it restricts their mobility and agility. However, they are considered as the quickest and fastest of all the tribes. This disdain for bodily protection makes them vulnerable to deathblows or fatal strikes from their foes. Having weak defenses also prevents enhanced muscular strength.

1.5 Naga

The strapping and gregarious Naga dwell on the pristine islands surrounded by the majestic waters of the Aegean Sea. Their habitation is located at the western part of Rameswaram, considered the sacred ground of the south.

The Nagas are fishermen by profession. They hop from island to island in search of new discoveries. Wielding their mighty broadswords, they are universally hailed as the strongest among all the tribes. One swing from their sword and a small boat is sliced into two.

Their humungous physique makes them easy prey on land as they are horrendously slow. To compensate for this, they resort to wearing heavy armor as added protection. Relying heavily on their superhuman strength, they shun the use of any form of Mantra whatsoever.

1.6 Kimnara

Transporting and selling the daily necessities are the main tasks of the Kimnaras. They hawk their trade in the most extreme of natural environments and are usually aided by female warriors. This hardy race can be found living in the desert portion of the far end of the west continent.

The Kimnaras are female warriors who are highly-attuned to the ancient discipline of Chakra, the art of enhancing physical prowess. They are held in the same league as the Naga tribe in terms of bodily strength. Extremely powerful and clad in solid armor, they are a force to reckon with in combat. However, their brutish physique slows them down and they are defenseless from magic attacks.

1.7 Deva

The Deva tribe calls the east end of the continent as their abode, a picturesque region with a cool climate. This chilly environment is conducive for learning the Mantra Arts (magic) and for preserving the language of the gods.

A great majority of Deva tribesfolk are highly-skilled in deciphering the ancient verses of the gods. They uphold this archaic tradition by recording them in special slates. They also inscribe these writings on their bodies which the Deva’s proudly display as exquisite body art.

Their extraordinary magical powers and high resistance from Mantra attacks are their strengths but they are susceptible to physical attacks.

1.8 Garuda

The Garudas call the delta area located south of the Deva’s region as their settlement. Having a subtropical climate makes the place ideal for crop growing and other agricultural enterprises.

Garudas excel in the use of the Mantra arts with both men and women having separately unique skills. The men utilize Mantra to augment their tools and weapons while the women employ it during battles. Garudas are physically weak, thus it is essential for them to use Mantra to help them recover from attacks.

Garudas are akin to the Devas when it comes to countering other Mantra attacks and are also able to improve its power and effects to their advantage. They also produce Mantra-enhanced tools for other tribes.

2.The Four Chakra

In This game there is 4 Chakra that can improve the character's ability. This is the explanation about the Chakra :

2.1 Chakra Heart

This is basically HP or Vitality in other online games. Adding more Heart chakra increases your life points which will make you die less. Survivability is actually a must in Tantra as this game is centered on PvP. All tribes need this to some extent.

2.2 Chakra Spirit

Basically the Intelligence in other online games. This Chakra actually has varying effects on different tribes. Deva/Garuda increase their damage if you invest in this chakra, while other tribes get only resistances if they add Mental chakra. In short, only the D/G tribe benefit from this. Mental chakra not only boosts the Magical damage of Deva/Garuda tribe but also increases the Tapas recovery rate and decreases the Cooldown of their spells.

2.3 Chakra Nerve

Dexterity for short. It determines your evasion, adds more defense, increases your chance to hit others, and gives additional physical damage (melee) but not as high as muscle. This chakra is primarily for Karya since this is their primary offensive chakra. The nerve chakra increases the damage of deva/Garuda tribe by a little amount but it will affect the spells cooldown time. The primary reason why Deva/Garuda utilizes nerve in substitute of Mental just to survive the Karya skill.

2.4 Chakra

Strength. Increases one's defense and damage for melee tribes.

3.Innovative Features of Tantra

Tantra is an innovative and cutting-edge form of RPG. By infusing an oriental storyline and element to it, the game presents a fresh approach to the popular genre.

The characters in the game are subservient to a certain god (the 3 major gods) with their abilities and skills highly dependent on the characteristics of that god. Tantra also has four chakra points and three different ranks to choose from.

All of the three gods in Tantra possesses antagonistic relationships over the subcontinent of India. The game revolves around the exploit of the three gods and the events within the eight tribes of the humans. Each player chooses one major God at the start of the game. Characters with different gods play the game together.

Upon reaching a pre-determined level, the players then engage in a battle royal at certain places in the game.

A slew of unique items and weapons coupled with exciting task experiences further enhance the skills and abilities of the characters in the game.

Full 3D Camera Views

You’ll never lose track of all the action as you can rotate, zoom in or out on your character and the 3D environment with Tantra’s 360° fully user-controlled camera views.

Customizable Characters

Modify your characters with cool hairstyles and funky facial features. The details come out with amazing clarity, thanks to the latest 3D graphics engine

Earn and upgrade

Sell and trade your weapons and items with other gamers to earn additional Rupees and gain new weapons.


Chat with fellow gamers and add your friends to your in-game directory.


There is a lot of quest in Tantra Online that can give much fun to the players.


Make new friends you go about your quest and form parties composed of other players.


As the Aswiram Guild Master, you can customize your Aswiram by adding your own unique logo and Guild name. All Ashram guild members will have this displayed over their characters.

Unique Character Build-Up

With Tantra’s complex character skill tree, you can imbue your characters with highly-specialized skills and attributes.


Prove that you have the meanest and mightiest character by going up against other players in the Player vs. Player mode.

Guild War

Join the Guild Wars and stomp your class among the other guilds.

Gods War

Proceed to the God’s Warfare Area and get ready to rumble in defense of your god.

Event In-Game

Collect in-game memorabilia and exchange them for real Tantra goodies and freebies.

Kathana II – A Light in the Darkness

4.Eight Second Jobs

If you have level up until 45, you can transfer your job to the 2nd Job. This is the list of the 2nd Job :

4.1 Vidya

Yaksa/Gandharva. The Priest of Tantra. Most of his/her skills are for support/back up (e.g. increase maximum Hit Points, increase Attack Speed, increase Magic Resistance, increase Physical Defense, Party Heal, and many more). The basic function of this job is to keep members in the party healthy and well. This job is common and often important in areas with high monster levels and is essential in boss hunting. These characters often have low attack power but are harder to kill because they have healing and full support skills. Most commonly Vidya used Dull weapon along with a Shield. The most common ones are full support(fs) Vidyas who only put their skill points into support. Once a character dies, Vidyas can use their resurrection skill to revive a dead comrade. Another option is to make a battle support which utilizes the same build as the Nakayuda. A Vidya can burn all of their opponent's Tapas(Mana) disabling Tapas recovery for a limited time.

4.2 Nakayuda

yaksa/gandharva. The Martial Artist of Tantra, and wears a battle weapon. Its build up is heart-muscle, or sometimes, others use heart-nerve. They bear high damages and stuns (once stunned, one can't move or use skill until the effect is gone). They can use their Chamuse Skill to weaken their opponents and make them cause more damage. They also have Armor Break (Tiazate) to weaken Physical Defense of a Character. Also, they can use Saata to temporarily disrupt the HP/TP recovery of a boss or monster. Nakayuda the rolling tanker of the class.

4.3 Samabat

deva/garuda. The Summoner of Tantra. While they have less damage than the Abikara, this class can Summon two powerful Lions and Hell's GateKeeper Dadati to attack their enemies. Their ability to increase the tapas recovery rate and to decrease the Tapas(Mana) consumption is also very useful. Essential in parties so as to conserve on TP(Tapas Points). In Addition, Samabat can create two Shields that block the first attack of an opponent, one Shield used to protect the caster and the other radiates it to all party members. They also have an Instant teleportation skill that can summon the member of the party towards the caster. This skill is essential if that member is stunned and cannot move. Though they deal less elemental damage than the Abikara job, Samabat can increase their Elemental Attacks by 30% on a limited time.

4.4 Abikara

deva/garuda. The Sorcerer of Tantra. One of the most feared class in tantra. They deal high damages because of their passive ability that increases elemental damage by 20% and they also have high damaging nuke spells, but suffer due to lower hp compared to other tribes. Abikaras' mastery is fire, ice and lightning which deals great damage to their opponent. Though not strong in defense but their offensive power is wicked. Useful in Repel parties and killing Monster Bosses. Even if Abikaras have less Hit points than the other tribes, but they possess a skill that makes them Invincible for a limited time.

4.5 Karya

asura/raksasha. The Bounty Hunter of Tantra. This is the class that wields the bow, and uses skills that deal physical damage from afar. Their skills are honed to hit the vital points of their enemies and try to cripple them before they even get close. They summon Wolves to aid them and use skills that immobilize their enemies. They also have a skill to drain their opponent's tapas and damage the opponent based on the drained tapas. Karyas' can create Magical Shield to reduce the damage from opponent and they can increase their elemental resistance and movement speed as well. They can hide and be made invisible to all opponents. They can even create another shield that negates all attacks and all abnormal status problems.

4.6 Druka

asura/raksasha. The Stealth Assassin of Tantra. This class possesses the highest damage dealing capability. They usually do 1 hit kills, or high powered 2 hit combos that kill enemies before they can even see them coming. They are the masters of stealth, agility and of course, firepower. They either blind their opponents or turn invisible to gain the advantage. They also have a vampiric skill that absorbs certain amount of HP from opponent. The only setback is they somewhat have lower HP than other melee characters, but they can decrease their opponent's total HP for a certain percentage. Drukas can also create magical shield to reduce the opponent's damage and can increase elemental resistance and movement speed as well. Drukas have the ability to absorb 50% physical damage and 80% of elemental damage.

4.7 Satya

naga/kimnara. The Tanker class of Tantra. They often have low damage as their best build up is pure heart. Their main duty is to "tank" all monsters. This job focuses on increasing defense, absorb damage and reflect the damage to opponent. When they are in a party, monsters (except a boss) prefer to hit nagas. They have many skills to increase their defense and can also absorb some of the damage their partymates take. Satya has high Hp and defense because of their chakra build and skills. Though not primarily built for battle, Satya have the skill that increases the attack power up to 300% and disregards defensive ability up to 30 damage.

4.8 Banar

naga/kimnara. The Master Warrior of Tantra. They possess physical power and also have higher vitality. They can use their stun lock that is very difficult to avoid. It also has this special skill which dashes to its target thus attacking in a very surprising manner. However in the absence of a Vidya and Samabat, they will be forced to spend a lot on potions since they have a few or no skills to boost their HP and TP recovery rate. They can either wield a spear, an axe, or a blade which can be single or double-handed. Banar can do 3 hit combo and 3 stunning skills. Among all the Second Jobs in Tantra, Banar got Most Prestigeous Damage of all, the maxximum damage recorded was "62000". It was "Brosomail" of Tantra Online Philippines Who made this unbelievable damage to a Masan in Mudha Dungeon

5.Gods War

When a character reaches level 30, he/she can choose a god (Vishnu, Brahma, or Shiva) to serve. A character whose level ranges from 30 to 59 can go to a certain map named Anaka Kruma while a character who is level 60 and above can go to Kruma.

On these maps, one can kill people serving other gods in order to attain "Master Points" which are needed to have the special skills called "God Skills" and which god who have 5 Kala’s can go to the Chaturanga Dungeon. In Chaturanga Dungeon there is a high-pranas (experience) monster, most of monster's drops here are upgrade stone. The gate to this map is on each God's Castles, which only opens if their god has 5 kalas installed in their castles. Other god can steal kalas for there are only 9 kalas in the whole Kruma. There is only one chaturanga in each server, thus, a certain player may meet other player not belonging to his god and kill each other. This map is like a chessboard. It has 25 rooms and 4 entrances. Three of the four entrance gates belong to each gods, the other (4th) is for those who were teleported from Rapphu's room. Each room has different kinds of monsters, with their respective bosses (Infantri, Tanker, elephant, turtle, etc.) which drops a chess piece. When all of the chess pieces are collected, they can be crafted to make a Raphu Key, the key to the middle room where a Chaturanga Boss lies (Raphu). It has 2 forms and once killed, it drops one piece "crystal", needed in making the precious crystal weapon. Time limit to kill Raphu is only 45 minutes. When Raphu is not killed, the players in his room will be teleported to the 4th entrance.

Kathana III – Epic of Avatara

6.Durga Arena

The interesting point of Tantra Online is War features, There is PK features where the players can killing each other and got penalty, There is God War features where the players with different god can killing each other to defend their God. In Tantra online there is Fortress War. In Fortress War feature every players who join an aswiram can participate the fortress war and take one of the four fortress in Durga Arena, if an aswiram can take one of four Durga Fortress they will got some reward and can get in to the Durga Dungeon.

7. Castle Siege

There is Siege war in Tantra Online, the player in some aswiram can join the siege war in Biryu Castle, the players can choose one of the three side that player can choose, the side is Attacker, Defender, and Neutral side.

If the leader of the force can win the siege war, then the leader of the winner side can set the tax for player who open a shop in Biryu Castle Market Area and be the Lord Castle. It is a big advantage for the Lord Castle and his force if they can win the Siege War.

8. Karya Dungeon

As if the Mandara and Shambala dungeons were not challenges enough, a third dungeon has been added to give Tantra fanatics more mind-blowing thrills and adventures. Make way for the Kalia dungeons - the latest game enhancement which boasts of even more powerful monsters, bosses and higher experience points. Unlike the Mandara and Shambala dungeons, it offers three level-specific dungeons namely Kalia Dungeon I (lvl 30-45), Kalia Dungeon II (lvl 46-61) and Kalia Dungeon III (lvl 62 and above).

For now, the Kalia dungeons will only be opened for one hour on specified days and corresponding fees will be charged (50,000 rupee for Beginner's, 150,000 rupee for Expert's and 250,000 rupee for Master's) for every passage to the dungeons.

9. Mudha Dungeon

This is the newest dungeon in Tantra. Kali, the goddess of evil, is the boss monster of the dungeon. In the Mudha Dungeon, there are Symbols that you have to find in the different rooms in the dungeon. These teleport you to the next rooms in the dungeon and after using the 4th Symbol, you have to find the last Symbol (Symbol 5) which spawns randomly and disappears after use.

10. Huge Forge

In this update there is a new Dungeon, Quests, and Features. This is the list of the updates:

10.1 Blacksmith Dungeon

The new dungeon with a lot of strong monster, there is mystery in the dungeon, come on try to Break the mystery.

10.2 New Quest

There is a lot of quest waiting for you, which is level 80 Quests – level 86 Quests.

10.3 New Skills

There is 1 new skill for every class in Tantra Online. Every Class have different new skill, the minimum level to get the skill is level 100 (Ahmarah 1).

10.4 Pet System

This is a new feature in which every player can have a cute pet who has got a different ability. There is Ganesha, Matsuya, and Marut. The Pet can level up themselves by hunting with the owner. If the pet has levelled up then it can upgrade the pet ability.

10.5 Vedi Kruma

In this Update there is New Kruma, the shape is different than the old kruma, and there is new system in this New Kruma.

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