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Hoity Toity


Hoity Toity is a multiplayer board game invented by Klaus Teuber and currently published in USA by Überplay. The original German name is Adel Verpflichtet (meaning "Noblesse oblige"). It was also published in the USA under the name By Hook or Crook, and in the UK under the name Fair Means or Foul.

Game play

The players in the game represent the members of the pretentious Antique Club. Their goal in life is to have a better collection of old stuff than every other member in the club. They have two options every turn, choosing where to go (the Auction House to bid on an antique, or a manor house to participate in a competitive exhibit) and what to do there. The outcome of the players' actions depends on the choices and card play of the other players in the same location. The game therefore includes a considerable bluffing component.

The winner is the player to move the furthest on the board.



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