more cut rate is an electronic band from the United States. As of 2007, is the solo project of g.wygonik who founded the band in 1989.

Previous members include Clint M. Sand of Mono Chrome/Synnack, Dave Milkowski (DJ Shred), Charles Kelly, Mike Stanton, and Paige Bradham. has four CD releases in North America and Europe, with the fifth, titled Xenophobe scheduled to be released in early 2008.

In addition to their numerous headlining slots around the world, has performed as opening act for many industrial favorites including Nine Inch Nails, Pop Will Eat Itself, Pigface, Die Warsau, Alien Sex Fiend, Foetus, Sheep On Drugs, VAST, Covenant, VNV Nation, Beborn Beton, and Clear Vision.


  • self-untitled - cassette only (1991)
  • distemper (1994)
  • blueiceblack - ep (1999)
  • new religion (2001)
  • dataseed (2001/2002)

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