Morbid: A Love Story

Morbid: A Love Story is an upcoming 2008 horror film, written, directed, and produced by Edward Payson, starring Liam J. Smith, Anna Palestis, and Chris Vanderhorst.

Smith plays the disturbed serial killer, Christian. Palestis plays his love interest, Belle. Vanderhorst plays the FBI agent assigned to Christian's case. Dylan Voorhees plays a young Christian.

Although claiming to be "pretty gruesome", as there is plenty of blood and gore, the film is different from a run-of-the mill slasher film in that the serial killer is the protagonist. Morbid: A Love Story is slated for an October 2008 release to multiple festivals in preparation for a 2009 release to DVD.


Christian Thomas is a typical college student, but is also a serial killer. He sees death as the greatest art form, ranking his targets by degree of difficulty and making his victims his easel. Christian takes a liking to Belle, a girl in his class, and falls in love. He decides he wants to lead a normal life and stop his killing ways, but old habits die hard.

Jack Stevenson is the F.B.I. agent who was assigned to the serial murder case three years earlier. Demands of the case caused him to grow distant from his family. When his family dies in a car accident caused by a man falling asleep at the wheel, He becomes wracked with guilt and feels the errant driver deserves to die. He begins to battle fantasies of murdering that driver, as a way to make amends to his loved ones. When he finally tracks down Christian as the serial killer, he has a new plan.

Cast and characters

  • Liam J. Smith as Christian Thomas, a serial killer college student who falls in love.
  • Chris Vanderhorst as Jack Stevenson, the FBI agent assigned to Christian's case.
  • Anna Palestis as Belle, Christian's love interest.

Additional cast members include:

  • Dylan Voorhees as young Christian Thomas
  • Scott Naurath as Bob
  • Amber Rose as Laura
  • David B. McCowan as Dr. Green
  • Reuben Rasheed as Tyson Burns
  • Barbara Griswold as Kristen Stevenson
  • Sheila Pancani as F.B.I. Agent Jennifer Martinez
  • Alpha Takahashi as Mrs. Kill
  • Dontreal Bacon as Ben
  • Marcelo Olivas as Derek
  • Andrew Cory Aikman as Ben’s friend
  • Cody Cowell as Mr. Wallace
  • Eliezer Ortiz as Latin lover
  • Christina Desiere as Christian’s mother
  • Adam Linder as Harold
  • Amanda Chism as Janine Weintrob
  • David Finn as Jared Thomas
  • Gerard Gilgeours as Jim
  • Clinton Emmanuel as Garrett
  • Elisa Catherine Taylor as Susan
  • Justin Zagri as Mike
  • Dontreal Bacon as Ben


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