Monoskiing is a snow sport that uses Monoski. There are two types of monoskiing, one is used for waterskiing and the other for snow skiing. On a snow monoskiing, the feet are side-by-side and pointing in the direction of the board, and standard ski bindings are used as well as non-releasing bindings like on snowboards and skwals. Unlike in snowboarding, ski poles are generally used when monoskiing. On a water monoskiing, the feet are one in front of the other and pointing in the direction of the ski. A standard waterski binding is located for the front foot, while a small slipper type binding is located behind for the back foot. A type of waterskiing on a monoskiing is called slalom water skiing.

Monoskiing is also a great alternative to skiing or snowboarding as far as knees are concerned. With knees always into the axis, and effort always balanced between both legs (knees) the pressure is less damaging.

Brief History of Monoskiing

Monoskiing was invented in the 1960s. Surfer Mike Doyle promoted the monoski in the early 1970s, after which monoskiing's relative popularity slowly increased, but the interest eventually waned in favor of snowboarding. Monoskiing is still practiced by a reasonably large enthusiast community, especially in powder, where the wider waist of the monoski, compared to traditional skis, provides greater flotation.


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