Juno Mak

Juno Mak is a singer and record producer from Hong Kong.


Before he started his music career, Juno attended Hong Kong International School, but later dropped out for poor grades.


Coming from a wealthy family, Juno was involved in a scandal involving the popular Jade Solid Gold music TV programme and chart in 2003. The Hong Kong anti-corruption organization, the ICAC, was brought in to investigate Juno's father, Clement Mak, for bribing Jade Solid Gold to improve his son's chart positions and to win awards. Juno, his father and other industry figures including EEG chairman Albert Yeung were asked for questioning at some stage. Juno Mak was booed when accepting the 2003 JSG award. It was also alleged Juno paid teenagers to act as his fans to give the impression he was more popular than he was.

Later on the president of Universal Music Limited, Chan Siu-Po, was arrested by the ICAC for accepting a bribe.

Juno Mak later reappeared as an artist of the small Silly Thing record company and has been trying to rebuild his career and image.

Current career

Juno Mak has been steadily rebuilding his reputation in the past few years. His 2005 EP "Otherside", which featured the song "Monoecism" (雌雄同體) won numerous awards, including Commercial Radio's FM903 "Top Ten Recommended Songs".


  • August, 2002 - On The Road
  • March, 2003 - Next Step
  • April, 2004 - Proto
  • January, 2005 - Otherside
  • December, 2005 - Walking Underneath + Archives
  • 20 April, 2007 - Chapel of Dawn
  • February, 2008 - Words of Silence




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