[muhng-gruhl, mong-]

Mongrel refers to mixed ancestry:

  • Among pets, one whose parentage is of unknown or mixed breeds as opposed to purebred.
  • Among dogs, this is also called a mutt or a mixed-breed dog. Owners of mixed-breeds in the USA refer to their dogs as "All American" when involved in competitive sports.
  • A mongrel cat is referred to as a moggy in Australia and the United Kingdom.
  • "Mongrel" is a derogatory epithet in Australia. It is generally used to refer to an ill-bred man; a man of poor manners or morals.
  • In the Philippines, they are referred to as "Askal" which is short for "Asong Kalye", literally meaning street dog.
  • "Mongrelism" is a term coined by Manawatu Turbos captain Hayden Triggs, which means to play in a style with more aggression

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