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Other uses

  • Mongo (planet), a fictional planet from the Flash Gordon series
  • Möngö, a Mongolian monetary unit, where 100 Möngö equal 1 Mongolian tögrög
  • Mongo, objects plucked/rescued from the trash, especially in New York City, see Dumpster diving
  • Stomatepia mongo, a critically endangered species of cichlid (fish)
  • Mongo Ika and Uzusho Mongo, Japanese cuttlefish sushi
  • The Mongo (graphics program), an interactive graphics program distributed under the GNU General Public License
  • A variant of mondo, meaning "to a great degree, extremely, very"
  • A variant of mong, a derogatory shortening of Mongoloid
  • Mongo foot, a style of skateboarding, where one uses one's leading foot to push
  • Monggo, a commonly used name in the Philippines for mung beans

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