Bishop Foley Catholic High School

Bishop Foley Catholic High School is a co-educational Catholic high school affiliated with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit. Founded in 1965, it is named for the first American Bishop of Detroit, John Samuel Foley. It is located in Madison Heights, Michigan and has an enrollment of 400 students as of the 2008-2009 school year. It is governed by an advisory elected Board of Education, but the final power rests with the President, who is always the pastor of one of the school's two founding parishes: St. Dennis Church in Royal Oak, or Guardian Angels Church in Clawson. Bishop Foley is accredited by North Central (NCA).

History of Bishop Foley Catholic High School

From 1888 until 1918, Bishop John Samuel Foley headed the Catholic diocese of Detroit. As Detroit's first American bishop, his 30 years of leadership remains the longest for the Archdiocese of Detroit. Immigration to Detroit during this period was very heavy, not only from Europe, but also from the American South, to meet the labor needs of the rapidly expanding automotive industry.

Bishop Foley established the first black Catholic parish, St. Peter Claver, in 1911, although chapels and missions for black Catholics had existed since the late 1870s.

The school's most notable rivals in terms of athletics are Shrine Catholic High School in Royal Oak, Michigan; Cardinal Mooney High School in Marine City, Michigan, Our Lady of the Lakes High School in Waterford, Michigan and Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Campus Ministry

Goal of Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry at Bishop Foley Catholic High School seeks to build a Christian community among the students and staff of the school that is grounded in the Catholic tradition. It seeks to invite the school community to deepen their faith through liturgy, retreats, prayer and social justice/formation/service projects. Campus ministry welcomes and involves students of all faiths.


The spiritual environment of the school is cared for by: Campus Ministry Director - A full-time staff member who oversees the Campus Ministry Team and coordinates and serves as a resource to all of the spiritual activities that makeup the Catholic environment of the school.

The Campus Ministry Team

A cross-section of students and staff that meet regularly with the Director to promote a faith-based vision in the school community and to plan the activities that are described below. They work to involve as many staff and students as possible.

Liturgy & Retreats

To ignite a genuine atmosphere of worship and prayer by providing a variety of opportunities that encourage broad participation in both planning and liturgies, including:

  • All School Monthly Masses
  • Reconciliation Services
  • Training for Liturgical Ministries

To encourage and promote a development of the interior life through prayer, sharing and reflection including:

  • Seniors - 2 day off-campus.
  • Junior - 2 day off-campus
  • Sophomore - 1 day off-campus
  • Freshman - 1 day in school
  • Staff retreat - 1 day off-campus

Community Building

To build a Christian community inclusive to other faiths but firmly grounded in the Catholic tradition through:

  • Presence: Bishop Foley offers a ministry of presence by being available in times of crises or difficulty to listen, comfort, counsel and care for individuals and their family members in their time of need. Referrals will be made when appropriate.
  • Prayer: Prayer offers support and resources to small groups of prayer like:
  • In Touch: parents and staff meet Monday’s at 7:30 a.m. in the school chapel to pray for the needs of the school community.
  • Prayer List: Needs of students, staff and alumni and their families are prayed for by the school community for a period of a month. To put someone on the prayer list please call or email the Campus Ministry office, leaving full name of person to be prayed for, relationship to Foley member and reason for prayer (deceased or seriously ill).
  • Cooperates with surrounding vicariate and parishes, especially youth ministers and groups.
  • Cooperates with the archdiocese on diocesan programs like Right to Life, Rainbow, Justice and Peace Institute, and World Youth Day.
  • Cooperation with the Theology Department regularly on faith formation and activities in the area of faith practice and witness.
  • Special Projects: To sponsor projects that help the school community to reflect on their experience in light of faith and to challenge them to live out their faith in just and caring ways toward both their school community and the larger world.


  • President: Rev. Gerard J. LeBoeuf (GA)
  • Principal: Joanne Molner
  • Vice Principal: Eric Haley
  • Athletic Director: Vic Fournier
  • Campus Minister: Marisa LaRocca
  • Director of Advancement:

Academic Departments

Art, Broadcasting, Music, Speech & Drama

  • Drama
  • Video Production and Broadcasting I & II
  • Forensics
  • Studio Art
  • Pottery
  • Drawing
  • Art Task Force
  • Advanced Painting
  • Introduction to Art
  • Music Appreciation
  • Choral Ensemble
  • Photography

Business, Computers, and Industrial Arts

  • Introduction to Business
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Computers I & II
  • Web Development
  • A+ Certification
  • Basic Computer Programming
  • Mechanical Drafting
  • CAD Architectural Drafting I & II
  • CAD Mechanical Drafting I & II
  • Robotics I & II
  • Pre-Engineering - Dual Enrollment with Lawrence Technological University


Bishop Foley’s Department of English includes a highly qualified faculty who hold Master degrees and have college and university teaching experience. All teach within their major areas. Our course offerings provide the college-bound student with a strong emphasis in composition and literature, while offering electives. In addition, the department proudly offers development and enrichment, extensive inclusion beyond the textbooks, and effective, cooperative learning.

English Electives

  • Reading Enrichment
  • Creative Writing
  • Journalism I
  • Journalism II
  • Yearbook
  • Public Speaking

Required Courses

  • Grade 9- Literature and Composition (Honors)
  • Grade 10- American Literature (Honors)
  • Grade 11- World Literature
  • Grade 11- Honors British Literature
  • Grade 12- British Literature
  • Grade 12- AP English English Literature and Composition

Foreign Languages

The Foreign Language Department at Bishop Foley offers a four year comprehensive program in French and Spanish. For Freshmen students who are enrolled in second year language, a fifth year independent study is offered to maintain language continuity before college. The classroom is a busy one where students are taught to speak, read, write, and listen in the target language.

Textbooks are current and are accompanied by audio tapes or compact disks made by native speakers. Some of the texts also have video tapes which show those native speakers using the target language in everyday situations. In addition, computer software also accompanies most textbooks.

All of the students at Bishop Foley are enrolled for a minimum of 2 years of a foreign language. Colleges and universities suggest that students have a minimum of three years study of one foreign language. We encourage four! In addition, gifted language students, with departmental approval, may study two languages concurrently. Many Foley students are so successful in their foreign language studies that they continue as language majors or minors at their chosen college or university.


The 11th and 12th graders can take the Michigan Math Prize Competition Exam. This 40-question multiple-choice test is based on the topics in high school mathematics. The test is a first step in competing for statewide recognition and possible scholarship money.

The math department invites students in all grades to take the American High School Math Exam. There is an exam for 9th and 10th graders and another for 11th and 12th graders. The student from each grade level that does the best on this test is recognized at the awards banquet and program in May. Students can qualify for nationwide competitions with this test also.

We celebrate Math Education Month. The math department sponsors an activity for all students to participate in. Activities range from a math scavenger hunt to a math poetry contest. There are prizes in every math class and lots of fun for all.

Mathematics Courses

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra I Plus
  • Algebra II
  • Practical Geometry
  • Euclidean Geometry
  • Algebra & Trigonometry
  • A.P. Calculus
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre Calculus


Bishop Foley’s Theology Program builds on the gospel formation and seeks to support the young person in facing the challenge of living as Catholic Christians in today's world while deepening his or her relationship with God.

At BFC, our day will begins with an all-school prayer. Many other opportunities for prayer and meditation are offered throughout the school day. Students have the chance to explore, share and deepen their beliefs through the Theology classes. All students are required to take a Theology class each semester. Students also participate in all school masses, reconciliation, and retreats.

Required Courses & Electives

  • Introduction to Scripture- 9th grade
  • Faith and Sacraments- 10th grade
  • Church History- 10th grade
  • Discipleship: Christian Morality- 11th grade
  • Catholic Social Teaching- 11th grade
  • Sacrament of Marriage and Parenting- 12th grade
  • World Religions- 12th grade
  • Faith and Science- 12th grade


  • Bishop Foley offers four years of Christian Service Programs, requiring a certain amount of service hours to graduate.
  • Two 5-year language programs, including French and Spanish. All the language teachers are qualified for their respective languages.
  • Electives in pottery, TV Production, Drafting, Computer Programming, Business, Genetics, A+ Certification, Marketing, and Forensic Science.
  • Award winning debate, art, forensics, music, photography, yearbook, and journalism teams.
  • 12 AP subjects beginning Sophomore Year
  • Full Honors Programs
  • 99% of graduates attend college
  • Over $3 Million in renewable scholarships
  • Many Catholic League, state, and national championship awards for athletics.

School Day at Bishop Foley

The school day is divided up into 7 periods, usually called hours, and all class periods are 55 minutes long. The school day begins at 7:55am and ends with the final bell at 2:50pm. The school day begins with prayer, the Hail Mary, and then the Pledge. After second hour, there is homeroom, which is where announcements are read. During second semester of the 2006-2007 school year, the administration has started showing the announcements on the school television network, produced by Foley's TV Production class.

There are two lunch periods during the school day- Lunch A meets before 4th hour, and Lunch B meets after 4th Hour. Bishop Foley uses the Meal Magic system, which is a moneyless system where each student gets a 4-digit pin number to access a money account to pay for lunch. Hot lunches are served.

Extracurricular Activities

Bishop Foley offers many extracurricular and after-school programs besides athletics. The clubs range from the robotics team to key club to chess club, among others. The Robotics team has been very successful in recent years. The team in 2006, known as "Foley Freeze", competed in the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) and took home the first place trophy. The team competes as part of F.I.R.S.T. (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), which has some very good teams from the Great Lake States. They were also able to spend a week in Atlanta, competing at the F.I.R.S.T event that took place at the Georgia Dome, home of the Atlanta Falcons. The team became divisional champions in 2007, winning the Curie Division at the international FIRST competition in Atlanta. As divisional champs, the team competed in the Einstein Division finals, a level reached by only 12 of the 359 teams competing.

They also have a Student Council, which is in charge of running the dances, homecoming festivities, charitable fundraising, and much more.

List of Clubs

Bishop Foley has meny clubs that cover a wide range of interests:

  • Art Task Force
  • National Honor Society(NHS)
  • Pastoral Team
  • SADD
  • Photography Club
  • Key Club,
  • Drama
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Robotics
  • Dynamic Design
  • Chess Club
  • Right to Life
  • Financial Club
  • Science Olympiad
  • BFC Dance Co.
  • Environmental Club


  • Bishop Foley's athletic program has participation from over 72% of their students in at least one sport. Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman teams compete year-round, offering opportunities for students at all skill levels.
  • Eleven varsity sports are offered for young men including football, cross country, soccer, basketball, wrestling, track & field, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, and bowling.
  • Eleven varsity sports are offered for young women including swimming, tennis, cheerleading, pom/dance, basketball, volleyball, track & field, softball, cross country, soccer, and bowling. Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer all have 3 teams- Freshman, Junior Varsity (JV), and Varsity.

Famous Alumni

  • Mark Campbell (University of Michigan Graduate, Current NFL football player)

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