moment of truth

Moment of Truth movies

Moment of Truth Movies are a series of TV movies produced for the Lifetime cable television and movie networks during the 1990s.

The Lifetime network marketed itself towards an audience of American women; as such, Moment of Truth movies were invariably issues melodrama with stories told from a female perspective. They often featured diseases such as alcoholism, or plots involving domestic violence, rape or betrayal; however, the typical plot of such a movie required a happy ending. The phrase A Moment of Truth Movie typically was appended to each title in the series.

Some of the TV movies produced in the series include:

  • A Champion's Fight (1998)
  • Abduction of Innocence (1996)
  • When Friendship Kills (1996)
    • aka A Secret Between Friends
  • Accident (1997)
    • aka Reckless Nights: The Accident
  • Someone to Love Me (1998)
  • Justice for Annie (1996)
  • The Other Mother (1995)
  • Deceived by Trust (1995)
  • Playing to Win (1998)
  • Stand Against Fear (1996)
  • Why My Daughter (1993)
  • Eye of the Stalker (1995)
  • Murder or Memory? (1994)
  • Cradle of Conspiracy (1994)
  • Broken Pledges (1994)
  • Stalking Back (1993)
  • A Child Too Many (1993)
  • Shattered Dreams (199?)

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