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Molokai Island Times

The Molokai Island Times was one of three newspapers on the Hawaiian island of Moloka'i. It was founded in December 2004 by Brennan Purtzer and Darrell Williams with a small loan from computer software guru John McAfee, and served as the main community paper for "The Friendly Isle" of Molokai from 2005-2006, before becoming known as "The Molokai Times" in January of 2007.

The Molokai Times strives to be at the forefront of digital media on the island of Molokai, providing digital video, audio and photography through its website

It provides news relevant to the Molokai community, along with coverage of sports and politics. The newspaper's goal is "to entertain while maintaining the utmost journalistic integrity." The bold declaration on every issue of the broadsheet publication is, "If it happens here ... it's in here."

Hawaiian Pacific Media's Brennan Purtzer purchased Williams' interest in the company in October 2006. With new operating partner Tim Kline, who owned the new company, Hawaiian Pacific Media (HPM), LLC, they expanded the capacities of the newspaper in several electronic formats. In January 2007, The Molokai Island Times re-branded itself as "The Molokai Times," and was published by Hawaiian Pacific Media, LLC, operated jointly by Tim Kline and Brennan Purtzer. HPM leased The Molokai Times from Purtzer’s company, The Molokai Island Times, Inc.

In June 2007 The Molokai Times hired a new editor to oversee the production of the weekly newspaper. David Lichtenstein, a newspaper professional with over 20 years of journalism and editorial experience came from Colorado to take the newspaper to the next level.

With the arrival of Lichtenstein, Purtzer moved out of the role of editor, and into the role of the newspaper's publisher, also acting as HPM's CEO and Editor of The Hawaii Golf Journal. The Publisher role at The Molokai Times was taken over by Kline in December 2007, when Purtzer returned to work on a political campaign on the American continent.

In May 2008, the paper received new operators in the form of Lester Keanini and Eric Wong, Molokai-born n' raised Native Hawaiians, who continue to operate the paper to this day.


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