mollie haas



Haas can refer to:

  • Haas School of Business (United States), a part of the University of California, Berkeley, named after Walter A. Haas, Jr.
  • Haas Automation, a machine tool company
  • Haas effect, a psychoacoustic effect, also known as the Precedence Effect or law of the first wave front, named for Helmut Haas
  • Haas Pavilion (United States), home of the University of California at Berkeley's basketball teams, named after Walter A. Haas
  • Newman/Haas Racing, an auto racing team in the Champ Car series co-owned by Paul Newman and Carl Haas
  • A common misspelling of the Hass variety of avocado.
  • the Seri name of the Honey Mesquite, Prosopis glandulosa
  • Hardware as a Service

Haas as a surname can refer to:

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