nobr is a proprietary element type supported by some web browsers. It is used to prevent automatic wrapping of lines.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam nonummy luctus metus. Suspendisse ligula quam, rutrum ac, facilisis a, molestie at, est. Fusce pede ipsum, vestibulum at, gravida vel, dignissim ut, wisi. Aenean non velit at elit scelerisque tristique.

The above example would normally be wrapped to fit the width of the page, but when a nobr element is used, the text appears as a single, long line in browsers that support this element type, causing a horizontal scrollbar to appear if necessary.

While this element type is not part of standard HTML, the white-space:nowrap CSS2 property is not supported by all browsers (notably IE 5).

Nitrosyl bromide

NOBr is also the chemical formula for Nitrosyl bromide.

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