A model is a pattern, plan, representation (especially in miniature), or description designed to show the main object or workings of an object, system, or concept. Model may also refer to:

Abstractions, concepts, and theories:

As representations of objects:

  • Model (physical), a physical representation of an object
  • Solid modeling, study of unambiguous representations of the solid parts of an object
  • Scale model, a replica or prototype of an object
  • Model building, a hobby centered around construction of material replicas
  • 3D model, a 3D polygonal representation of an object, usually displayed with a computer

In human and animal behavior

  • An organism (or set of signals originating from it) that is mimicked by another.
  • Mental model, a person's cognitive representation of an idea or thought process
  • Modeling (NLP), a process in neuro-linguistic programming
  • Modelling (psychology), learning by imitating or observing a person's behavior
  • Role model, a person who serves as a behavioural or moral example to others

In occupations:

  • Model (person), a person employed to display his or her looks or something such as a commercial product, e.g., a fashion model (see also supermodel). Subcategories include:
    • Model (art), a person who poses to be depicted in art, for example in art school
    • Promotional model, a person who interacts with consumers to draw attention to and often inform them about a product
    • Fetish model, a model who wears the clothing and/or devices of sexual fetishes

In history and culture:

In lighting:

In geography:

  • Model, Colorado, an unincorporated town in the United States
  • Model (Poland) - a village in Poland in Masovia Voivodeship in Gostyniński county in Pacyna commune

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