Venetian style shoe

Venetian style shoes or venetian-style loafers are mid-heel slippers with an upper or top part that is slightly open to the kick of the foot and the ankle bone (OQLF, "Vénitienne"). According to the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) the slipper is comparable to the profile and style of a Venetian bark ("Vénitienne").

Fashion History

Historical documentation regarding the venetian style shoe or loafer is generally limited or rare. Some manufacturers refer to the Venetian Style Shoes as simply "venetian", "loafers", "venetian loafers", "venetian style", "penny loafer", "slip-on loafer", etc. Despite the fact that manufacturers may have different names, venetian style shoes or "venetian loafers" according share the following characteristic of "lacking ornamentation often found across the middle."

By contrast, according to the History of Footwear loafers are "Slip on shoes with a moccasin toe construction and slotted straps stitched across vamps." A loafer may even be "decorated with metal chains or tassels." (Drummond 2008). This style contrasts with the aforementioned venetian style loafer which doesn't appear to have any decorations on the top of the shoe.

Furthermore, according to , a penny-loafer has a "tongue and strap" (Jackson 7). In 2008 some online YouTube videos demonstrated these distinctive characteristics of the penny loafer. One video even demonstrated the possibility of wedging a penny within the strap, as suggested by the definition of penny loafer from the Meriam Webster Online dictionnary of 2008. Furthermore substantiating this concept is another , one that doesn't necessarily deal with shoes, which states, "like a penny in a penny loafer". By the 20th century the slip-on loafer was considered a common footwear for men (Microsoft Corporation 2007). During this period other popular shoes included low, somewhat similar, laced oxfords in various leathers, ankle boots, and specialized sport shoes (Microsoft Corporation 2007). According to the Timeline of Fashion by Aspees During World War II (WWII), or circa the 1940s, the loafer, along with the aloha shirt, Argyle (pattern), beanies, Bermuda shorts, culottes, crew cuts, teddies, windbreakers, flight jackets, halter neckline, cummerbund, platform shoes and sportswear, became fashionable. During this time high fashion also moved from France to the United States (Aspees 2007).

In 2006 Rita Gworek, fashionist and presenter for the TAP and ACAP seminars on “Dressing for Success”, believed that a sports coat or blazer, which is essentially a relaxed look "worn at the office on casual Fridays", should be accompanied by a slip-on style shoe "like a penny loafer, Venetian, moc toe or buckle strap style shoe."


The term orignitated from Great Britain (OQLF, "Vénitienne").



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