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Mobius Band (music group)

This article is about the music group, see Möbius strip for the surface with only one side and only one boundary component.

Mobius Band is an electronic rock trio from Brooklyn, New York consisting of drummer Noam Schatz, bassist, singer and keyboardist Peter Sax and guitarist, singer and keyboardist Ben Sterling.


The band began when members Schatz, Sterling and Sax met as students at Wesleyan University. After graduation, they moved to Shutesbury, Massachusetts to hone their sound. Following the self-produced, self-released (on their own Prescription Rails label) and mostly instrumental EPs One, Two, and Three, Mobius Band were signed to Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Ghostly International in 2004, becoming the electronic label’s first rock-based act.

Their first Ghostly release was the City Vs. Country EP in March 2005, which earned critical acclaim for its fusion of pop songs with electronic flourishes, paralleling the work of contemporaries like The Notwist and The Postal Service. The first Mobius Band full-length album is August 2005’s The Loving Sounds of Static, which took the ideas of City Vs. Country further, adding a lyrical focus on coming of age and disillusionment with modern America.

Mobius Band's second full-length album, Heaven, was released on October 2, 2007 by Misra Records and Ghostly International. Following the albums release, the band toured extensively around the US, Canada, England and Europe with Editors, Tokyo Police Club, Black Kids, Cut Copy, Matthew Dear and Tigercity. Previously the band has toured with The National, Baby Dayliner, and The Walkmen.

On Valentines Day 2008, the band released a free online covers EP of love songs called "LOVE WILL REIGN SUPREME."





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