Ghetto Gospel (mixtape)

Ghetto Gospel is the second mixtape by English rapper Ghetto. It was released in 2007, and is the follow-up to his 2005 mixtape, 2000 & Life. Ghetto has described it as a "pre-album" rather than a mixtape.

Sounds and influences

The mixtape begins with a heavier, grime-influenced sound, and later includes more mellow, hip hop tempo tracks.

"So Damn Dedicated" features heavy use of synthesisers. The track does not include a chorus. "Top 3 Selected" is at a typical grime tempo and features a high repetitive motif over a deep synthesised bass. "I'm Ghetts" is a fast-paced grime track. Lyrics include "I'm blowing up like the twin towers in a blast". "Hero" features Devlin and samples Bonnie Tyler's song "Holding Out for a Hero". "Driver's Anthem" features a hi-hat which plays a tuplet pattern. The song is about driving. "Touch The Sky" includes high-pitched vocal and string samples and a deep, rolling bassline. "C P B" features an acoustic guitar. "Just Don't Know" features a piano sample and high pitched vocal sample. The song is about death and the uncertainty of when it will occur. "State of Mind" features Andrea Clarke, Ghetto's aunt. "Menace" samples Coheed and Cambria's Welcome Home.


  1. "Intro - So Damn Dedicated" (Prod. By Beat Butcha) - 04:09
  2. "Top 3 Selected" (Prod. By Rapid) - 03:24
  3. "I'm Ghetts" (Prod. By Lewi White) -02:55
  4. "Stage Show Don" (Prod. By Rapid) - 02:51
  5. "Menace" (Prod. By Scorcher) - 03:23
  6. "Hero" (FT. Devlin) (Prod. By Merlin) - 02:48
  7. "Driver's Anthem" (Prod. By Scorcher) - 04:15
  8. "Touch The Sky" (Prod. By Bouncer) - 05:08
  9. "C P B" (Prod. By Mr. Slash) - 03:25
  10. "Just Don't Know" (Prod. By Mr. Slash) - 02:28
  11. "State Of Mind" (Ft. Andrea Clarke) (Prod. By Nocturnal) - 05:07
  12. "Trapped In The System" (Prod. By Slix) - 03:06
  13. "Who Don't" (Prod. By Merlin) - 03:23
  14. "Test" (Prod. By Merlin) - 04:23
  15. "U & Me" (Ft. Wretch 32, Scorcher) (Prod. By Beat Butcha) - 03:28
  16. "Relationship" (Ft. Tension) (Prod. By Merlin) - 02:41
  17. "Closest Thing To Heaven" (Ft. Adeofa) (Prod. Nucturnal) - 03:31
  18. "Understand" (Ft. Adeofa) (Prod. Nucturnal) - 04:37
  19. "Blessed With A Gift" (Prod. By Merlin) - 03:40
  20. "Bikers Anthem" (Ft. Scorcher) (Prod. By Merlin) 03:58
  21. "Top 3 Selected" (Remix)" - 05:33
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