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Mix It Up

Mix It Up is a remix album by pop group Jump5. It includes songs from their self-titled album, as well as All the Time in the World and Accelerate.

Track listing

  1. Start Jumpin' (double Dutch remix)
  2. Wonderful (chunky style)
  3. Pressure (berlin mix)
  4. Messing With Me (interlude)
  5. Do Ya (rec room mix)
  6. Spinnin' Around (whirlwind mix)
  7. All I Can Do (the historemix)
  8. Throw Your Hands Up (rec room mix)
  9. Beat Box Session (interlude)
  10. Joyride (great people remix)
  11. Why Do I Do (bestes remix)
  12. We Are Family (ghostmix)
  13. Celebration
  14. Spinnin' Around Scat (interlude)

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