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LiP Magazine was an alternative magazine that has taken on various incarnations since it was founded by former editor Brian Awehali in 1996. The first issue, with a run of only 100 copies, was distributed by hand to about a dozen independent bookstores and coffee shops around Chicago. Later, LiP became an online zine, and then resumed print publication in 2003. It continues to be run as a non-profit organization by a young, all-volunteer staff. LiP took a satirical, analytical, and often biting approach to what it called “a culture machine that strips us of our desires and sells them back as product and mass mediocracy.”

Editorial contributors included activists like Winona LaDuke and cultural critics like Mark Crispin Miller.

LiP was based in the San Francisco Bay Area, it ceased publication in 2007.


  • 2002: "Best Online Culture Coverage" Utne Award Nominee and "Best Content E-Zine" South by Southwest People's Choice Award
  • 2004: "Best New Magazine" Utne Award Nominee
  • 2005: "Best Culture Coverage" Utne Award Nominee
  • 2006: Two Project Censored Awards: "Brave New World: Surveying Privacy in the Age of Surveillance," (Anna Samson Miranda, Winter 2004) and "Trust Us, We're the Government: How the U.S. Government Stole $137 Billion of Indian Money," (Brian Awehali, Winter 2004)

Mission Statement

LiP takes creative aim at a culture machine that strips us of our desires and sells them back as product and mass mediocracy. Brazen, audacious and presumptuous, LiP combines a biting aesthetic consciousness with a structural understanding of power. Refusing to be colonized by despair, cynicism or apathy, LiP gives voice to those working for a sustainable society rooted in cooperation and diversity. LiP confronts the miserabilist capitalist system with dangerous humor, liberated eroticism and informed revolt.


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