Miseno, Cape, S Italy, at the northwest end of the Bay of Naples. Augustus founded (1st cent. B.C.) a naval station (Misenum) there, which was destroyed by the Arabs (9th cent. A.D.). Remaining are ruins of the imperial villa, baths, a theater, and a reservoir.

Miseno is one of the frazioni of the municipality of Bacoli in the Italian Province of Naples.


Nearby Cape Miseno marks the northwestern end of the Bay of Naples.


Misenum was an important port in Roman times. According to mythology, Misenum (and hence Miseno) was named after Misenus, a companion of Hector and trumpeter to Aeneas. Misenus is supposed to have drowned near here after a trumpet competition with the sea-god Triton, as recounted in Virgil's Aeneid.

The church of San Sossio stands here.

Notable residents

It is said to be the birthplace of Saint Sossius, a deacon who was martyred with Proculus of Pozzuoli.

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