mis spoken

Time Cracks

Time Cracks is a computer-made cartoon using 3D graphics for its three main characters. The three characters use a hot dog van as a time machine and travel to different moments in history, usually with simple information added to make it mildly educational and amusing scenes. The cartoon screened on ABC in Australia from 2004, and is five minutes long. The opening credits feature an introduction accompanied by a simple piece of music and animation. It was made in Tasmania by the government's authority.

The characters are Emily the echidna, Milo the dog, and 58 the sheep. The echidna rolls into a ball during the end credits but appears to be more brave during the show. The sheep is often butt of jokes in the van and is often visually part of a gag. The plot always involves a planned destination and mission for a 'second rate time travel magazine', which always ends in a botched plan and a rather bad solution. This always happens due to a mistake when the van races forwards through city streets of low buildings and then 'jumps' to a different time or place to the one intended due to it being mis-spoken. The van generally rematerialises in a very awkward place, such as atop Mount Everest.

In all episodes simple facts are given, such as when Captain James Cook discovered the east coast of Australia in the HM Endeavour. The hot dog van has a 3D giant sized hot dog on its roof. A simple town or city is the only non-historical setting employed in the show. The show is broadcast as a filler show on ABC.

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