Doctor of Computer Science

Doctor of Computer Science

The Doctor of Computer Science or The Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science degree program is for the science graduate student with Computer Science or graduate student with a Master of Science in Computer Science. The degree program is for professionals who have a strong foundation in computer science. A study of distributed computing and networking, optimization, natural language processing, computer graphics and neural networks covers state-of-the-art topics in computer science today. Courses include Logic Programming, Numerical Analysis, Natural Language Processing and Computational Complexity. The true recognition of any degree comes from its acceptance by the business, professional and academic communities.

Doctors of Computer Science is having one of the fastest growing career fields. Educational training in computer literacy and online science enables a lucrative career that will keep you on your toes at all times. A Doctor of Computer Science degree educates you for a career as a computer scientist, researcher, MIS manager, database analyst, computer professional or networking science consultant.


Earning a doctor of computer science degree is ideal for those seeking high earnings and excitement in an online or technology career. A doctor of computer science uses PC research skills in applying a scientific resolution to computer hardware and software problems. Doctor of computer science education spans multiple IT disciplines to resolve common and unforeseen issues related to emerging or online computer technologies. Most demand for a computer science doctor arises from emerging science and online computer technologies.

Skills Acquired by the Doctor of Computer Science Degree

As with many other undergraduate fields of study, the Doctor of Computer Science degree branches into a number of subject areas of expertise. For example, several popular D.C.S. specializations include Media, Enterprise Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

A common group of courses found in many Doctoral programs include:

Quantitative Analysis
Qualitative Analysis
Research Studies
Dissertation Writing

These core classes educate the student in research methods, preparing them for their dissertation.

Online Doctoral Programs

With the advancement of the internet, more universities are providing online Doctoral programs. Most online programs require cohorts, or occasional onsite lectures with fellow students. In fact, no Doctoral program is truly online in the same sense that online Bachelors and Masters programs have become.

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