Mirpur Khas

Mirpur Khas

Mirpur Khas, town (1981 pop. 124,371), S Pakistan, on the Let War canal. Founded in 1806, the town is a market for cotton and food grains.
Mirpur Khas (Urdu/Sindhi: میرپور خاص; meaning the land of the most high mirs) is a city located in the province of Sindh in Pakistan. It is the fourth largest city in the province with an estimated population of 124,371 (1981). Its soil is fertile and the city is known for its horticulture produce and farming, of which the most celebrated is the mango cultivation with hundreds of varieties of mangoes produced each year.


Prior to the Islamic conquest of Sindh by the Arabian armies of Muhammad Bin Qasim, the land where Mirpur Khas now stands used to be a thriving Buddhist settlement now only known as Kahoo Jo Daro. The remnant stupa still remains to date and as the armies settled in the area, newer buildings ravished the land and led into a massively progressive landscapes. Farming became known to people and horticulture and cotton fields blossomed.

In 1806, Mankani Talpurs shifted their capital from Keti Mir Tharo and laid foundations for Mirpur Khas under the leadership of Mir Ali Murad Talpur. Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur succeeded Mir Ali Murad and built a fort when declared the ruler of the state. He would run a kutchery from within the fort. Mirpurkhas remained capital of Talpur Mirs of Mirpurkhas until 1843 when Sindh was annexed to British India under East India Company. When Charles James Napier attacked Sindh, Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur was the last Talpur ruler to face the British on 24 March 1843 at the battleground of Dubbo. His battle for the liberation of Sindh has rendered him the title of 'the lion of Sindh'. The kutchery in the fort now has a tablet embedded at the entrance reading, "The fort within which this building stands was residence of Mir Sher Muhammad Khan, the Lion of Sind."

Later Sindh was made part of Bombay Presidency and Mirpurkhas was a part of it. Umerkot was made the district's head-quarter town and Mirpur Khas was ignored until the advent of the Luni-Hyderabad branch of the Jodhpur-Bikaner Railway, a subsidiary of the Scinde Railway to the town. The opening of the Jamrao Canal in 1900 made Mirpur Khas stand out of the rest of the towns in the district. It was constituted a municipality in 1901 and was made the district head-quarter in 1906.

At the turn of the twentieth century, the population of the town was 2,787 with a density of 82 persons per square mile, however the district, as a whole, saw significant growth in the rise of population from 27,866 (1891) to 37,273 (1901). The cotton produced at Mirpur Khas was considered the best in the country when surveyed and the British exploited the produce by exporting it to other nations.

After the partition, because of its proximity with the Indian border, Mirpur Khas became the first city to welcome refugees from the newly found Indian nation to Pakistan. It acted as a primary railway junction for the first trains to rail across the Rajistan to the Sindh province.


Lying on the Let Wah Canal at , Mirpur Khas is the gateway to the south-eastern edge of the Sindh province. It connects to Hyderabad at 65-kilometres by both road and rail while with Umerkot it connects only by road. Karachi is 220-kilometres south-west to the town. On the extreme east lies the Indian border at 170-kilometres.

Mirpur Khas is positioned atop a fertile land making conditions apt for farming and irrigation. Being connected to the Indus via irrigation canals like the Let Wah, Mirpur Khas has gained a edge over horticulture farming over the years. Primary produce includes mangoes, sugarcane and cotton.


The city houses three government colleges: Shah Abdul Latif Government Science College for Boys, Ibne-Rushd Government Degree College for women and Model College of Arts Education, all affiliated with the University of Sindh. Of the Higher Secondary Education Institutions, Government Comprehensive Higher Secondary School for Boys, Government High School for boys and government High School for Girls, Government Higher Secondary School for Boys Bhansinghabad, and Government Higher Secondary School for Girls Bhansinghabad are actively running in the city.

Mirpur Khas city also has a medical college (Muhammad Medical College) affailated with Sindh Medical University, a number of Science & Technology institutes like MIST and CMS affailated with University of Sindh and with an own Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.

The City has two very well maintained and up to-date public libraries run by the provincial government, Municipal Library and Allama Iqbal Public Library.

Plans are underway to set up a full-fledged Medical College and a campus of University of Sindh in public sector.

The City has well built and sufficiently equipped Civil Hospital with a state-of-the-art heart disease Center. The hospital, being a (previously) divisional headquarter, caters to a huge number of patients from various parts of the suburb. Apart from the Civil Hospital, there are a number of private health establishments working day and night to cater to the general public needs. Some of them are, Ali MediCare Center, Maria Medical Complex, Alshifa Hospital and so on.

Culture and economy

The city has several shopping centers and bazaars which includes, Baldia Shopping Center, Shahi Bazaar and Khisakpura (in local slang), which sells traditional garments, modern crockery, etc.

Irrigation and farming was revitalised after the Jamrao Canal was built in the 1900s. The city was able to produce and cycle crops to supply mainly grain, cotton products like fabrics, and sugar from the sugarcane cultivations. For a certain period in history, Mirpur Khas enjoyed being the best cotton producer in the country and much of the income of the town came from cotton farming in its heyday.

Nowadays, however, the city is much known its mango produce. The city seeks pleasure in declaring having 250 different varieties of mangoes, of which the most famous variety is the Sindhri Aam literally the mango from Sindh. The city boasts its mango products at an annual harvest festival showcasing its world-renowned produce.


  • Muslim Commercial Bank
  • United bank Limited
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • National Bank Limited
  • Bank alfalah Limited
  • Bank AL Habib Limited
  • NIB Bank Limited
  • Bank Islami Pakistan Limited
  • My Bank Limited
  • Askari Bank Limited
  • Khushali Bank Limited
  • Zari Taraqiati Bank Ltd
  • The First Micro Finance Bank Ltd
  • Pak Oman Microfinance Bank Ltd
  • Tameer Microfinance Bank Ltd

All Bank Branchs & ATM Locations information Go TO Mirpurkhas

Sugar Industry

  • Al Abbas Sugar Mills
  • Digri Sugar Mills
  • Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills
  • Tharparkar Sugar Mills

Private Companies

  • THAR PRODUCTION (TP), Pakistan's Leading and pioneer Music Company. Releasing over 300 Singers in a Year, has Head office in MIRPUKHAS.
  • Millat-a-Ibrahim Services (Pvy) Ltd, Education & Tourism Service.

Private Hospitales

  • Muhammad Medical College Hospital
  • Ali medicare hospital
  • Maria medical comlex
  • Ameer medicare eye and general hospital
  • Zainab eye and general hospital

Private Institutes

  • Computer World
  • The A J College (on the Name of Late Mr. Abdul Jabbar Qaimkhani)
  • The Vision School(O'Level)
  • The Eastern Public School
  • The City School
  • SZABIST College
  • Muhammad Medical college, affiliated with University of Sindh.
  • Muhammad Institute of Science & Technology, affiliated with University of Sindh.
  • St.Michael Convent High School

Hotels and Rest Houses

  • Gulberg Hotel
  • Bisma Hotel
  • City Hotel
  • Sindhri Rest House
  • Firdous Restaurant and Cafe

Famous Personalities

  • Mumtaz Ali Shah
  • Dr Abdul Saboor
  • Mr Riaz Ahmed (NAB judge)
  • Zulfuqar jonejo (politician)
  • Dr Abdul Majeed memon
  • prof: Abdul Raheem


Railway link

Mirpur Khas is again a centre of attention. After 40 years a railway link between Pakistan and India is being opened again. A broad gauge line has been laid from Mirpur Khas to Khokra Par, which is the border town from Pakistani Side. The new link now connects Karachi (Pakistan) to Jodhpur (India) by the new train service Thar Express.

In 2005, work started on converting the metre gauge railway line to Khokhrapar to broad gauge.

Cellular phone Companies

  • Telenor
  • ZONG
  • Ufone
  • Mobilink
  • Warid


The SUN organization works for Health and Education.


The city also has a Satellite Town which is considered a posh area. The city is considerably clean and has many places to hang around like parks, a museum, various tea shops and a very famous Sindh Horticulture Research Institute and Farm also famous with the name of Fruit Farm....

Most people in the Mirpurkhas district speak Sindhi but there is a significant Urdu speaking community, New Sindhi or the immigrants from India who came in 1947. As per the census of Pakistan 1998, following are the demographic figures of the district:

Muslims: 66.37%
Hindus: 32.73%
Christians: 0.50%
Ahmadis: 0.27%
Others: 0.12%

Sindhi: 61.70%
Urdu: 18.34%
Punjabi: 10.73%
Balochi: 1.90%
Pashto: 0.91%
Seraiki: 0.34%
Others: 6.07% (mainly Gujarati/Memon)

It should be noted here that Urdu speakers account for the largest group in the urban area of the district at 47.92% followed by Sindhis at 28.71%.

Neighbouring towns and cities

Important Buildings

  • Kutchehri - Residence of Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur. Now a days being used as Mukhtiarkar office under revenue department.
  • Partab Bhawan - A palace constructed by Partab Rai. Now badly needs restoration and preservation. It is being used as the largest girls high school of the city.
  • Ghulam Nabi Shah Hall - Now being used as District Council office.
  • Durbar Hall - Used as meeting place by head of district government. Previously and under British used as office of District Collector.
  • Municipal Musafirkhana - Historical building now badly needs preservation
  • Firdous Cenima Building - Established in 1938 Founder Noor Bhai Mamoojee Currently look after Fidahussain Mamoojee Hasnain Abbas Mamoojee Murtaza Mamoojee

Historical Places

  • Chitorri - Historical graveyard with many sandstone tombs of Talpur rulers
  • Kahu-Jo-Darro - Ancient Buddhist archaeological site
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