[mir-uh-dawr, -dohr]

Mirador is a 1997 album by the band Tarnation, which is led by Paula Frazer. It was released on 4AD in the UK and on Reprise/Warner Bros. Records in the rest of the world.

Track listing

All songs written by Paula Frazer except where indicated.

  1. An Awful Shade of Blue
  2. Wait
  3. A Place Where I Know
  4. Is She Lonesome Now?
  5. Your Thoughts and Mine
  6. Christine
  7. Destiny
  8. There's Someone
  9. Like a Ghost
  10. Idly
  11. Little Black Egg (written by Michael S. Stone)
  12. You'll Understand
  13. My Heart Down the Well (hidden track)
  14. Untitled Piece for Accordion and Voice (hidden track)

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