Minucius Felix, Marcus

Minucius Felix, Marcus

Minucius Felix, Marcus, fl. 2d cent., Christian apologist, author of a dialogue, Octavius, one of the earliest Latin apologies. In it a pagan and a Christian discuss the merits of Christian life.

See J. H. Freese, The Octavius of Minucius Felix (1919).

Minucius (rarely also Minicius) was a Roman nomen gentile. At the beginning of the fifth century BC it was a patrician family (existence of this branch might be fictive) and since the end of the fourth century BC a plebeian family. Nine members of this family were consuls.

Known members:

After this family or its members were named street Via Minucia, a bridge Pons Minucia on the Via Flaminia. A columned hall on Campus Martius, the Porticus Minucia, was named after consul in 110 BC.

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