minor order

List of Ministers General of the Order of Friars Minor

This is a list of the ministers general of the Order of Friars Minor.

Ministers general up to the Great Schism

Ministers general during the Great Schism

appointed by the Avignon Pope appointed by the Rome Pope
* Leonardo Rossi (1373-1378), 23rd Minister general * Ludovico Donati (1379-1383), 24th Minister general
* Angelo di Spoleto (1379-1391) * Pietro da Conzano (1383-1384), 25th Minister general
* John Chevegneyo (1391-1402) * Martino Sangiorgio de Rivarolo (1384-1387), 26th Minister general
* Giovanni Bardolini (1403-1417) * Enrico Alfieri (1387-1405), 27th Minister general

Ministers general up to the division of the Order in 1517

Ministers general of the Conventuals (OFM Conv.)

Ministers general of the Friars Minor (OFM)

Vicars general and Ministers general of the Capuchins (OFMcap)


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