Love in October

Love in October is an indie pop-rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They formed in 2006, gained popularity with their Words of Sound EP, and broke onto the national scene with the release of their debut full-length CD, Pontus, The Devil, and Me.


Love in October formed in Minneapolis in 2006 and released their Words of Sound EP in early 2007, which charted as a #20 add on CMJ. In between albums, they spent time touring, appearing on JBTV and Fearless TV, performing at major music conferences and an MTV Summer Concert, and producing short films and music videos. Pontus, The Devil, and Me, their debut full-length album, was released on January 22, 2008 as the #7 Top Add on CMJ. They were selected as Spin Magazine's band of the day and received acclaim in Spin Magazine, Alternative Press (music magazine), Kerrang!, and others.



Words of Sound (2007)

Words of Sound was recorded by Ed Rose at Black Lodge Studio in Eudora, Kansas in 2006 and released by the Musik Group in early 2007.

  1. "A Day in the Life Of"
  2. "Method to Madness"
  3. "Hollywood Horror"
  4. "Words of Sound"
  5. "Don’t Ask Me"
  6. "1000 Miles From Here"

Pontus, The Devil, And Me (2008)

Pontus, The Devil, And Me was recorded at Black Lodge Studio in 2007 and released by the Musik Group in early 2008. The album was a #7 add on CMJ and charted at #45 on CMJ Radio 200.

  1. "Circa 1989"
  2. "A Day in the Life Of"
  3. "I Dream of Marie Antoinette"
  4. "Find Me Sunshine"
  5. "Method to Madness"
  6. "Oh, the Truth"
  7. "Viva la Revolucion"
  8. "Vi Gar Til Stranden"
  9. "An Average Idea"
  10. "Petrula the Destroyer"
  11. "Song Eleven"

Music Videos

"A Day in the Life Of"

In January 2007, they self-produced their first music video "A Day in the Life Of", directed by rock video maverick Justin Staggs The video takes place in a turn-of-the-century ballroom with hints of modernism and 'out of place' elements. Unlike most modern music videos, "A Day in the Life Of" focuses on the screenplay rather than the band. A funny love triangle is played out at a party involving aristocrats, villains, and underdogs. The video was brought from concept to finished product in less than a month, involving over 50 cast and crew members. The videa features elaborate French Renaissance costumes, dramatic period sets, ballroom dancing, and sword fighting intersecting with a modern pop-rock feel.

"An Average Idea"

Their second music video for "An Average Idea" is a stop-motion animated by fellow Minneapolitan Lindsey Testolin, released in November 2007. The video is a fast-paced piece that tells a story of finding oneself, fighting the nine-to-five lifestyle, and dealing with schizophrenia all in one minute and forty seconds.

"Petrula the Destroyer"

A third music video was released in April 2008, directed by Behn Fannin. This video is a fast paced psychedelic story of an office worker who gets taken over by puppets that make him do their bidding. The video combines complex layering of realities and loops space and time in unfathomable ways. This video garnered the votes of college students when it was chosen on week of April 28's MTVU series The Freshmen to be added to the MTVU music video rotation.


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