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The S-CAT 5000 series multimedia test platforms are application and wireless protocol testers. They are used for conformance testing of mobile terminal applications complying with the wireless industry’s conformance test specifications. The S-CAT 5000 series is also utilised for research and development.

The models in the S-CAT 5000 series are the 5010, 5020 and 5030. Each model can be customised for the specific area of conformance or research and development testing according to the customer’s needs. Most S-CAT models are delivered with sample Test Cases and options to upload customer developed test scenarios. This feature is essential for research and development purposes, as it empowers the users to execute tests according to their own individual test specifications. The Test Cases can be programmed by using the supported languages; C and TTCN-3.

All models for certification testing are provided with GCF/PTCRB validated Test Cases. Examples of low level protocols for which development or certification testing is carried out are GPRS, EGPRS, W-CDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA. The range offers comprehensive coverage of any mobile multimedia testing and also caters for signalling protocol testing such as UMA/GAN.

How the S-CAT works

In most test scenarios the S-CAT simulates a server (e.g. an email server for testing emails) and is used to verify the functionalities of the client (for instance email) in the wireless device.

The connectivity is handled by an RF bearer between the terminal and the S-CAT. The S-CAT supports multiple RF connection methods, specifically:

  • Base Stations – such as an operator or test network
  • Access Points – such as W-LAN or WiMax
  • RF Units – as supplied by companies like Anritsu, Agilent, R&S, Aeroflex, et cetera)

The S-CAT also generates log files while running the test sessions. These are stored and can be checked out at a later stage to evaluate the results of the tests performed.

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