millennium meltdown

Grant Jeffrey

Grant R. Jeffrey is a teacher of Bible prophecy and a leading proponent of dispensational, evangelical Christianity. As chairman of Frontier Research Publications for over the last decade and a half, Jeffrey’s numerous books have garnered over four million sales. His works have been translated into twenty-three languages. Jeffrey also appears on television and radio shows, particularly on Christian channels.

In 1999 Jeffrey's book The Millennium Meltdown reached number 2 on the Publishers Weekly bestseller list for religious paperbacks. In 2000 the novel The Spear of Tyranny which he co-wrote with with Angela Hunt won the Christy Award for futuristic Christian fiction.

In 1982, he earned a Chartered Life Underwriter certification from the University of Toronto's Extension Program. Jeffrey later received his Master's Degree and a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from the unaccredited Louisiana Baptist University.

Jeffrey currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In 2007, the Trinity Broadcasting Network began broadcasting a 30-minute weekly program entitled Bible Prophecy Revealed hosted by Grant Jeffrey.


  • Apocalypse: The Coming Judgment of the Nations, ISBN 0-553-56530-3
  • Armageddon: Appointment with Destiny, ISBN 0-921714-40-8
  • By Dawn's Early Light, ISBN 0-8499-1609-7
  • Creation: Remarkable Evidence of God's Design, ISBN 0-921714-78-5
  • Final Warning, ISBN 1-56507-479-3
  • Final Warning: Economic Collapse and the Coming World Government, ISBN 0-921714-24-6
  • Flee The Darkness, ISBN 0-8499-4063-X
  • The Handwriting of God, ISBN 0-8499-4095-8
  • The Handwriting of God: Sacred Mysteries of the Bible, ISBN 0-921714-38-6
  • Heaven the Last Frontier, ISBN 0-553-29286-2
  • Heaven: The Mystery of Angels, ISBN 0-88368-972-3
  • Jesus: The Great Debate, ISBN 0-921714-56-4
  • Journey Into Eternity: Search for Immortality, ISBN 0-921714-60-2
  • La Firma De Dios, ISBN 0-88368-488-8
  • Messiah, ISBN 0-921714-02-5
  • Messiah: War in the Middle East and the Road to Armageddon, ISBN 0-553-29958-1
  • Millennium Meltdown: Spiritual and Practical Strategies to Survive Y2K, ISBN 0-8423-4374-1
  • Millennium Meltdown: The Year 2000 Computer Crisis, ISBN 0-921714-48-3
  • The Mysterious Bible Codes, ISBN 0-8499-1325-X
  • Prince of Darkness: Antichrist and New World Order, ISBN 0-553-56223-1
  • The Signature of God, ISBN 0-8499-4094-X
  • The Signature of God: Astonishing Biblical Discoveries, ISBN 0-8423-6795-0
  • The Spear of Tyranny (with Angela Hunt), ISBN 0-8499-4238-1
  • Surveillance Society: The Rise of Antichrist, ISBN 0-921714-62-9
  • Triumphant Return: The Coming Kingdom of God, ISBN 0-921714-64-5
  • Unveiling Mysteries of the Bible, ISBN 0-921714-72-6
  • War on Terror: Unfolding Bible Prophecy, ISBN 0-921714-66-1
  • The Next World War: What Prophecy Reveals About Extreme Islam and the West, October 10, 2006
  • The New Temple and the Second Coming: The Prophecy That Points to Christ's Return in Your Generation, October 16, 2007


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