Godzilla: Save the Earth

Godzilla: Save the Earth is a fighting game released on November 2, 2004 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox game consoles based on characters and situations from the Godzilla film series. The game is itself the sequel to the 2002 game Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee which was released for the Gamecube and Xbox in 2002. Godzilla: Save the Earth is followed by game Godzilla: Unleashed 2007, available for the Wii, Nintendo DS, and Playstation2.


Much of the original content was deleted from the game due to time constraints in development. The storyline of Save the Earth takes place two years after Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee. The story involves the Vortaak returning to Earth, once again controlling an army of monsters, including their ultimate weapon, SpaceGodzilla. This time around, new monsters are added as well as more detailed arenas including hills, elevated highways, and waist-deep water. Another addition is Challenge Mode, in which the player must attain goals other than simply defeating their opponent.



  • Anguirus - Medium fast, with powerful attacks and defense, but poor long range attacks. Unlocked in the beginning.

His Rage Attack is "Thunderball"; Anguirus uses his Thunderball ability for a short period of time.

  • Baragon - Very fast, somewhat weak, but with several special abilities (digging, ranged attacks while moving, and mid-air attacks during running jumps).

His Rage Attack is "Lava Eruption"; Baragon burrows into the earth and sets off a volcanic eruption.

  • Destoroyah - Slow, but with powerful attacks, possesses several powerful ranged attacks.

His Rage Attack is "Oxygen Destroyer"; Destroyah spits a blast of Micro Oxygen into the air, which lands on the opponent.

  • Gigan - Fast. Specializes in dealing edged attacks with his arm blades, and also has the ability to teleport. Unlocked in the beginning.

His Rage Attack is "Whirlwind Assault"; Gigan spins rapidly, slashing opponents and tossing them with his hooks.

  • Godzilla 90's - This version of Godzilla has better ranged attacks than Godzilla 2000, however is not as fast. Unlocked in the beginning.

His Rage Attack is "Finishing Breath"; Godzilla 90's spits a massive purple colored atomic breath at an opponent, similar to his "Red Hyper Spiral Inferno Atomic Breath" attack from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.

  • Godzilla 2000 - Like Godzilla 90's but he is faster, though he lacks powerful range attacks. Unlocked in the beginning.

His Rage Attack is "Nuclear Pulse"; Godzilla 2000 unleashes a Nuclear Pulse from his body in the shape of a small nuclear explosion, similar to the climatic scene from Godzilla 2000.

  • Jet Jaguar - Ability to change size: switches between a well rounded normal size, a slow and strong large size, and a fast but weaker small size. Curiously, his range attack requires energy, but is still used if you don't have enough energy.

His Rage Attack is "Tornado"; Jet Jaguar spins rapidly, generating a vortex around his body that juggles enemy monsters.

  • King Ghidorah - Somewhat slow, strong, and hard to knock down. Can sacrifice energy for health.

His Rage Attack is "Deathstorm"; King Ghidorah flies into the air and spins around, continuously spitting Gravity Beams and emitting concussive wind blasts from his wings.

  • Mechagodzilla 2 - A powerhouse with several ranged attacks that can knock down monsters fairly easily.

His Rage Attack is "All-Weapons Strike"; Mechagodzilla 2 fires all his ranged weapons simultaneously.

  • Mechagodzilla 3 - A faster, shinier, more melee attack reliant Mechagodzilla.

His Rage Attack is "Absolute Zero Cannon"; Mechagodzilla 3 fires the Absolute Zero Cannon, freezing the target monster in place and dealing continuous damage.

  • Mecha-King Ghidorah - Same as King Ghidorah, but extremely vulnerable to energy attacks (these may HEAL him you block while they're being fired at him). However, this is offset by near invulnerability to melee attacks, both blunt and edged. Can sacrifice health for energy.

His Rage Attack is "Invincibility"; Mecha-King Ghidorah becomes temporarily invincible to all attacks.

  • Megaguirus - The fastest character, but lacks ranged attacks unless she drains an opponent via one of her grappling techniques. She does not have her own beam attack. she needs to copy it from an opponent.

Her Rage Attack is "Meganulon Swarm"; Megaguirus lays three batches of eggs, which hatch into Meganulons and steal health and energy from opposing monsters for Megaguirus.

  • Megalon - A powerful character with low defense. Has the ability to dig. Electricity boosts health. Unlocked in the beginning.

His Rage Attack is "Magnetic Vortex"; Megalon sucks in all enemies then unleashes a pulse of magnetic energy that knocks the opponent monster back.

  • M.O.G.U.E.R.A. - A fast and powerful ranged character who is weak without energy. MOGUERA can recharge energy by shutting down, however this leaves him vulnerable.

His Rage Attack is "Photonic Storm" Moguera unleashes a dome shaped pulse of energy that knocks all opponents back.

  • Mothra - A very long-range based character that reflects beams and rages but can block only in the imago form. The only character with two modes, larva and moth. She has one of the hightest speeds in the game and is pretty maneauverable.

Her Rage Attack is "Peaceful"; Mothra doesn't use Rage. She instead recharges her health and energy.

  • Orga - The most physically powerful character in the game with running attacks and air throws. The Final Boss in Adventure Mode on Easy and Medium Difficulties.

His Rage Attack is "Shoulder Cannon Overload"; Orga spasmodicly blasts opponents with his shoulder cannon and then releases a pulse of energy.

  • Rodan - Weak, but fast, and one of the game's best fliers. Is very good at evading dangerous moves. Fire boosts health. Unlocked in the beginning.

His Rage Attack is "Heat Spiral"; Similar to Ghidorah's "Deathstorm" except faster, Rodan flies up and spins, continuously blasting opponents with his Uranium Heat Beam.

  • SpaceGodzilla - Slow, but very fast when float-dashing. Also very strong. Most attacks require energy, but crystals give double energy recovery. Also a boss in the MOGUERA rail-shooter minigame and the Final Boss in Adventure Mode on Hard Difficulty.

His Rage Attack is "Crystal Prison"; SpaceGodzilla summons dozens of crystal metors that rapidly slam into the opponent.


  • Battra: Battra is summoned by picking up one of the Summonable tokens. Battra will then come flying through the sky and attacks the opponent of the one who summoned him. Battra will later fly away. He can be forced away by either monster if their blast makes contact with him. (This was Mothra's role in the preceding game)
  • Millennian: In a mini game, Godzilla is taken aboard the Vortaak mothership where he confronts Orga's ship. After being defeated, it will land and become Orga's first form, Millennian. Once Millennian is defeated, it will transform into Orga and go into melee combat with the player (Godzilla).
  • Ebirah: When playing the Godzilla Underwater Mini-Game, the Mammoth crustacean from the film Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster will rise from the coral and swim over Godzilla with his claws. After being shot a dozen times, Ebirah becomes furious. When Ebirah is defeated, he will become a charred corpse and sink to the bottom of the endless sea.


Biollante: Although her character was fully completed, she was scrapped at the last minute because the employees were unsure whether or not they had her complete game design officially confirmed with Toho so the developers were ordered to lock her data to avoid lawsuits. Lead Designer Simon Strange is the only worker at Pipeworks with a copy of Godzilla: Save the Earth that contains Biollante. Simon also mentions in Tohokingdom that before Biollante was cut out, you could play as her by holding a certain button when picking Godzilla 2000. They reopened the design for Godzilla: Unleashed.

Titanosaurus: It was considered for the game and can even be found in the Gallery section. Atari did not have the rights to use Titanosaurus; Megaguirus was used instead.

Hedorah: Although not much about him in relation to this game is known, it is said in an interview with Simon Strange that he was given much serious consideration (probably due to his appearance in the previous game, Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee) but didn't make it in.

Varan: Not much is known about this monster either, but he was also mentioned in the interview with Simon Strange.

Godzilla 1954: This version of Godzilla was originally considered to be included as a secret character, however there were already 2 versions of Godzilla designed and no further action was taken to include him.

Mechagodzilla 1: This version of Mechagodzilla was originally going to be included as a secret character, but since the developers already put in Mechagodzilla 2 and Kiryu, Atari decided that they didn't want him in the game. .

Super Mechagodzilla: This version was once considered to replace Mechagodzilla II, but it was decided to use some of Kiryu's moves and incorporate them into Mechagodzilla II.

Battra (Playable): When Pipeworks decided to use Super X-III as an airstrike instead of Battra they were going to include Battra as a playable character, but Atari wanted them both as airstrikes. So Pipeworks scrapped the idea of Battra being a playable character.

All of these characters except for Hedorah and Super Mechagodzilla appear in the sequel, Godzilla: Unleashed.


Vehicles can cause damage to the kaiju, depending on which kaiju has the most health.


These can be changed from day to night


Godzilla: Unleashed will take place twenty years later and further the story. The PlayStation 2 version of the game resembles this game, and all of the monsters from this game are returning. Biollante, Titanosaurus, Mechagodzilla 1, Godzilla 1954, and Varan will also appear, but only in the Wii version. Although, Battra appears in the PlayStation 2 of the game but has the exact move list as Mothra.


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