milk sugar

milk sugar

milk sugar: see lactose.

Slightly sweet sugar (disaccharide) composed of two monosaccharides, glucose and galactose, linked together. Lactose-intolerant adults, and more rarely infants, cannot digest lactose because they lack the enzyme (lactase) that splits it into simpler sugars and suffer diarrhea and bloating when they eat foods containing it. Lactose, which makes up 2–8percnt of the milk of mammals, is the only common sugar of animal origin. Commercial lactose is obtained from whey, a liquid by-product of cheese. It is used in foods, in pharmaceuticals, and in nutrient broths used to produce penicillin, yeast, and riboflavin, and other products.

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Milk & Sugar are German-based dance music producers/record label owners Mike Milk (real name, Michael Kronenberger) and Steven Sugar (real name, Steffen Harning).

The two have collaborated together since 1993 under a variety of names, including Axis, Hitch Hiker & Jacques Dumondt, and Mike Stone & Steve Heller, and have scored major club hits internationally, including a re-make of John Paul Young's "Love Is In The Air", with vocals re-recorded by Young in 2001.

It was not until 2004, however, that they would score their biggest hit in the United States when "Let The Sun Shine," an Ibiza-inspired re-make of the Fifth Dimension's #1 hit from 1969, "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In" and featured the vocals of British singer Lizzy Pattinson, also went to #1 on Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. The song also gave Radikal Records its first ever #1 as a label on the charts.

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