Directorate of General Military Intelligence

The Iraqi Directorate of General Military Intelligence (DGMI) (Arabic: al-Istikhabarat al-'Askariyya) controlled the operations against Iraqi nationals and others abroad during Baath control of Iraq. It employed embassy personnel, especially the military attache and his office within the embassy. It had duties inside the army, but we are unsure of what these duties were. In 1979 a document called the Strategic Work Plan, by Khalil al-Azzawi, who was head of operations for the Estikhbarat, was leaked. The plan set goals of the overseas branches of the agency, e.g. the military attache's office in London was told to provide reports of nuclear, chemical and bacteriological installations. Also photos of naval bases and their specifications were required.

In a separate section Baath agents were expected to uncover the structure of NATO forces such as its land, air and sea bases around the world, especially in the Mediterranean sea.

Several opposition leaders were found dead in Beirut and Paris. Their involvement in the assassinations of Palestinian leaders in 1980 is also likely.

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